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So, apparently after he reported some spam the other day -- I'm guessing it was that message selling passports and green cards that showed up in 18 different subforums at 4 AM Sunday Reaper time -- something awful happened to long time member Xherman1964's account and it got accidentally wiped.


As near as I can tell, after he alerted Reaper his account got restored with 1000 "honorary" posts and 100 "honorary" "Likes" so he still has Godlike status and some board presence.


But all of his posting history was wiped.


I've been going around "Liking" the posts he's posted so far (List here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=forums&mid=13975&sid=9ef08c6b82a3326a21fa11a3f1b6ee43&search_app_filters[forums][searchInKey]=&userMode=content).


Maybe some of the rest of us could too, as a sort of pat on the shoulder to a longtime contributor to the community?

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Top Posters In This Topic

I do, and Iḿ feeling a bit overwhelmed.


Can't thank you enough for this support.

It feels great.


Oh and Pingo, It was that post. And You are right about the status and such.

The webmasters here are awesome and they helped me out very good.


Now I must resist the urge to flood SHOW OFF with all my work..

I'll be posting again tonight and over the week I should have posted all my minis again.

Then to paint more.


I still got 20 minis lying around.


Sort of....

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Did the admins explain how your account got zapped along with the board spammers?



They couldn't find it.

They are sure they removed the spammer, not me.

Also they told me that normally you get banned, youre posts will not all be deleted.

My email account got banned, all postst, likes, topics were gone.

As if I never was here before..


I made a new account. The admins changed my username for me to my old one.

Granted me  honorary posts and status so I could go on.

The tried to restore my old account. Told me to try access that, but I can only log in on the new one somehow.

It's ok, I can post again and I'm glad to be back.

They also gave me a gift certificate.


I appreciate the webmasters help, they were very helpful and understanding.

And I love the forum members (thx Pingo) who started liking my posts.

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