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Space Marine Cake Topper


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So, I paint miniatures and make cake toppers. While there’s definitely some crossover in that audience, they’re more often separate.  The most crossover I've seen in practice is that once in a while a groom might want a weapon based on a miniatures game.


Until now.


Here is a Space Marine made to go on top of a cake. It is modeled after the cosplay costume of the best man (the bride and groom were wearing outfits from different settings).


So her is the largest Space Marine that I’ve ever painted:



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beware the GW lawyer force... he's awesome! :poke:




I wouldn't have identified him as a Space Marine if that was going to be a problem.


My normal armatures aren't suited to creating power armor, so I found a piece of GW terrain- a 6" tall space marine statue- to base him on.  The head is all green stuff, and I created all of the weapons myself, but he's converted from official parts.


So, no lawyers.

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