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Female Barbarian Leaders With Animal Companions


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The Female Leaders from my Horde from the North.


Female Shaman from Shadowforge.


Familiar is a Reaper Pinguin


Barbarian Hero Is from Target Games/Chronophia with a Ral Partha Sabretooth tiger I believe.

Not sure about the tiger..


And a Barbarian Female Hero with Black Panther from grenadier


Linked because, well...nudity...








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Can't see any of these, probably because of photo bucket being blocked by my work firewall :(

And now?


I just edited...maybe that's the problem.

Well they're nude...



Oh I was lamenting the fact that my firewall stops photo bucket from even opening.  :down:

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That's a bad thing.

Can't you except Photobucket from being blocked??


No, it's controlled by our IT staff. Beside if they are nude it's probably NSFW anyhow heh


Ah, then you'll have to wait till you get home I guess..

They sure are some nice ladies.. :blush:

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