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Those metals look amazing!

Thanks, it was a new endeavor for me.


I have to admit, I didn't notice the metals (which are awesome btw) because I was too distracted by the excellent job you did on the fur and hide. Very well done!

:) thank you. I have decided TMM is my jam! :P


The skin colour for the lion is super.

What did you use?


I love it.

Thanks partner!


GW Vomit brown for the front and then GW: Vomit brown with some white in it (3:1). All my study on lions showed their "undercarriage" is lighter than their top (back).


After that it was washes with Reaper Brown ink and Brown wash until I got it in the right place.


His Mane is layered the same way with the top/middle using a Reaper Black Ink blended to the brown then washed in Reaper Brown wash for blending.

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In BONES II i got the Chimaera but it missed two heads.

Reaper sends me a whole new Chimaera.


So I will cut the wings off the first one, fill the gaps and I'll have a Lion to practice on.

Oh wait I also got a lion in the Expansion set... :wacko:


Wet blending is your friend, no doubt, the transition between fur colors can be tricky. Take a look at the other "beastmen" I did. I did more wet blending on the sabertooth and the Gnoll.

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