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Ok, I was super Happy I got my order from Red Box Games so I could possible get it painted up for RCon. Then in my haste to get started with this figure I tried to clip off the tab.  I say 'tried' because I accidentily clipped the front of her dress. :grr:  (Sorry Tre`)  So I then tried to use some ?grey stuff? to fix my mistake.  Here is the result.



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Although I haven't done it recently, I've managed more than a few unintentional mutilations myself over the years. It's one of those things that happens. The funny part about it is that the repaired pieces tend to become special; it might be because you have top put a little of yourself into the miniature to make it whole again. All that aside, she looks just FINE after your loving attention. Have FUN with prodigal mini!

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Go Silvervane !

It's the mistakes that make you a better painter, and miniaturist if you haven't noticed.

I get SOOOOOOOOOOO angry when I screw up, and then I look back at all that work and say

Wow.. that looks better than I planned !


Have fun, and make sure that when you fall into a pond of manure, you pick up the gold watch at the bottom !

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Thanks Jasonator.  I finished up priming her just never took a photo of the end result.  One of the classes at RCon I have in my schedule is sculpting textures.  This is just a little pre-RCon practice. :unsure:


Oh and here is the photo of her primed and ready to get started.  It's really fuzzy, but it was a quick photo to remind me to get started.



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So after posting I decided it was time to get this one started as well.  So I work on her a bit.  Then I took a picture of her progress.  Here is an example of why I need to Photo the eyes before I highlight and shadow the skin.  I thought it looked great in hand.  But up close and personal I think the her left eye need some slight correction.  As well, many have bemoaned how harsh the camera is.



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You are your WORST critic !

Paint the miniature, and then as you go along adjust the painting.

You may find out that you did it right, when you get the other components painted.

(just a suggestion, cause goodnees knows I make enough mistakes to know that I should

correct when the time comes, not before).



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Back to Hjordisa.  I have an idea for her base, I hope to finish her off before RCon, but I'm ok if I don't.  With that in mind I have blue in both the other figures I'm working on so I decided to go green and yellow.  I also tried an color experiment with the black top.  I mixed the green with some dark red and a touch of blue.  Thought I came out ok for a non-black black.


Here is her progress.


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