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Finished up the back of the shawl, yesterday.  Forgot to photo it.  Well, I plan to get some more painting in so I post it later.  I blocked in my tentative color for the belt & boots.  I also put down a yellow coat for the area I plan to paint up gold.  And I also put down a base coat for the wood of the staff.  The plan is to paint the top of the staff as crystal (most likely blue).



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you are doing a fantastic job here. Something is bothering me about the skin and i can't quite figure it out. Its a minor little thing. I think its the lack of a warm tone to warm up the tone just up from the shade. I don't know if i would but a super thin glaze of red or purple to pull together the shadow and the mid tone i think would make her feel more lively. However, i would be scared to screw it up at this point.

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No worries, I plan to go back over the skin cause it not really done.  Is it the skin on the face, or the rest of the body?  


Her face some and the other warm places, elbows, cleavage and knees those places.  

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@Dontfear - Ok I'll give your ideas a try when I get back to the skin. Thanks.


More work today and yesterday on the Mage.  I highlighted and shadowed the darker blue.  I wasnt sure how it would read next to the gold.  So I decided to paint up the belt and place the highlights of the gold on the rest..  Overall I liked how the gold turned out.  I think I need to tweak the highlighting of the blue.


Here is a shot of my progress:



Oh and here is a shot of the back of the shawl:


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I'm back to work of the mage.  Got the hair 90% done, though I only took a shot of her from the back.  Little touch up's left (if I feel up to it).  This week end will be to finish the skin (and the gold time and patience permitting).  Need to kick it into gear to get her finished for RCon.


Here we go again:


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I think I'm calling the her basically done, minus the few touch ups I see.  I'm going with a simple base I think, to give m time to (hopefully) finish my RBG female dwarf.  The photo washes out the flesh tones, but I like the way she look in person.


Here is where she stands right now.  


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    • By Inarah
      This is the Bones version.  I used her for an experiment with Contrast paints.  I think it worked ok, but the softer detail gave a less desired effect -- at least on the armor. I had to go over that again with an ink wash.  The red came out very bright.  Maybe I could have gone over that with ink, too, but I liked the vivid contrast. She is a vampire, after all.  I drybrushed a little silver metal for highlights on her armor, looks good in hand, but the flash caught it and it looks like white spots in the pic. 

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      I thought people might enjoy watching me helplessly flailing about as I attempt to paint an exceptionally intricate mini.
      This is Tzandi:-

      She's one fourth of my Monkey King Gang.
      Made a little progress today:-

      Painted her skin.
      This started as a base of Elf Flesh, was shaded with Flesh Wash and then highlighted with Elf Flesh and 1:1 Elf Flesh/Light Flesh.
      She then got lips of 1:1:1 Elf Flesh/Light Flesh/Warlord Purple, and dots of Brown Wash for eyes and between her lips.
      I had made a little bit of a mess painting her hands, so I went back over them carefully with Flesh Wash, just to give her separate fingers again.
      I automatically started painting her bosom as skin before realising she's wearing a dress under her corset, so that will be painted over eventually. The next job is hair and her ridiculously tiny hair ribbons. 
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      Foxtrot was fun to paint. She comes with two bodies, two heads and two sets of weapons so it's possible to make her up as a crazy-haired gasmask-wearing nutter or Hasslefree's version of Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. As you can see, I decided on the crazy-haired gasmask-wearing nutter.
      Her right hand is separate, so fun and games ensued trying to get it glued to her wrist. I didn't dare attempt to drill/pin it as there was barely enough space for the drill bit and I had visions of wrecking the metal. The stock of her AK was on the verge of falling off, so I just did away with it. Her base is the usual Liquitex modelling paste, sand and paint.


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      This chaos toad was another one of my ReaperCon entries, this time in the Painter's category. As I had multiple entries in the category, only one was judged and this was not the one chosen. Even though it was not the one judged, it is one of my favorites that I have painted recently. It is a fantastic sculpt by @TaleSpinner with fun details like the shrunken head and turtle shell canteen. 

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      It took me ages to choose a colour scheme for the Valkeeri Leader. I eventually decided on Army Painter Shining Silver to go with the whole pulp scifi theme, and VGC Warlock Purple because why not. I was worried the silver bits of her uniform would look like armour instead of metallic cloth but I think it's turned out OK. For once I managed to get her eyes to a decent standard and her hair came out looking good too. Her gun is VMC Brass, toned down with VGC Sepia Wash and Liquitex matte varnish. Her lips are a tiny dab of VMC Brown Rose.
      I forgot about her cape until I was finished with her, so it got a few thin coats of Warlock Purple and then began the fun and games of gluing it to the figure. Four attempts later I got it in what I hope is the right position and touched up the purple.



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