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Finished up the back of the shawl, yesterday.  Forgot to photo it.  Well, I plan to get some more painting in so I post it later.  I blocked in my tentative color for the belt & boots.  I also put down a yellow coat for the area I plan to paint up gold.  And I also put down a base coat for the wood of the staff.  The plan is to paint the top of the staff as crystal (most likely blue).



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you are doing a fantastic job here. Something is bothering me about the skin and i can't quite figure it out. Its a minor little thing. I think its the lack of a warm tone to warm up the tone just up from the shade. I don't know if i would but a super thin glaze of red or purple to pull together the shadow and the mid tone i think would make her feel more lively. However, i would be scared to screw it up at this point.

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@Dontfear - Ok I'll give your ideas a try when I get back to the skin. Thanks.


More work today and yesterday on the Mage.  I highlighted and shadowed the darker blue.  I wasnt sure how it would read next to the gold.  So I decided to paint up the belt and place the highlights of the gold on the rest..  Overall I liked how the gold turned out.  I think I need to tweak the highlighting of the blue.


Here is a shot of my progress:



Oh and here is a shot of the back of the shawl:


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I'm back to work of the mage.  Got the hair 90% done, though I only took a shot of her from the back.  Little touch up's left (if I feel up to it).  This week end will be to finish the skin (and the gold time and patience permitting).  Need to kick it into gear to get her finished for RCon.


Here we go again:


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I think I'm calling the her basically done, minus the few touch ups I see.  I'm going with a simple base I think, to give m time to (hopefully) finish my RBG female dwarf.  The photo washes out the flesh tones, but I like the way she look in person.


Here is where she stands right now.  


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