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Tyranids have airforce now?


Looks menacing.

I do love the colours.

Don't care much for the sculpt though.


I love the background from the Tyranids, the stories, I play them in Dawn Of War II, but somehow the sculpts are not up to the stories.


however you painted it very well.

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i used to paint with the classic "lines on the edge" nid scheme.... but then i've seen something similar made for some.....reptilians... i've tried on my nids adjusted it and fell in love with it!


it's easier faster and i think it looks cool! (to me at least!^^)


for the blue scheme:


basecoat the whole carapace with black (with a few regal blue drops in it)


then with a medium drybrush with the paint wet tap the surface in regal blue


the subsequent steps are made with enchanted blue and ice blue and only on the largest scales a subltle final step with white these steps must be done with the paint dry (you have to matte varnish at the end to avoid it fall^^)

it's super easy! the only con is that tends to ruin brushes A LOT!


technically is called stippling but to achieve a good effect the final layers should be applied with the paint dry 

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