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Thanks for the praise, everyone!  I am rather happy with how it came out, the glare of the flash off of the glossy coat, coupled with the translucency, does wash out a fair bit of the highlighting I did.  C'est la vie. 


It is a great little figure - I'm looking forward to tackling the Water Elemental.  Maybe after one or two more I'll do it.  My thought there is more white in the highlights to simulate agitated water - it will kill the translucency in places but hey, choppy water is opaque anyway.  This will also let me bring out more details.


Individual comments:



i love it ^_^


the only thing that distract me is the mold line i the first photo :huh:


I know!  It's really glaring.  I may trim it, but I hate to have to repaint and re-seal that bit.  We'll see.  I did some trimming of the mold lines before I painted it, the one on the opposite side still exists but is much less prominent.  I guess it didn't look so bad when I started painting.


Great! I started this very mini last night. I think I will steal borrow your idea of blue glowing runes. :ph34r:


 I'll keep an eye out for it.  :)  As I said, I'm not sure I accomplished the effect that I set out to do, but I like how it turned out.  I'd love to see someone else's take on it.  Incidentally, the colors are just Reaper's "Pure White" and Vallejo's "Andrea Blue," I just mixed, painted, and glazed a lot.


Very nice!  When you thinned out the Tamiya Clear Blue, what did you use?  And the glaze was just RMS Pure White, not a white ink?


 Just tapwater, actually.  I was a bit worried about it, but when I experimented it was fine.  It flowed a little bit funny, but not too bad.  I did use a synthetic brush for the Tamiya paint, though.


The glaze is just RMS "Pure White," I thinned it enough (and put on little enough) that it only clouded up the translucent blue a little.  You can see the line marks if you look closely enough, particularly in the 3rd picture.

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It looks like it came straight out of the Monster Manual. Awesome job! I should track down these Tamiya clear paints, methinks.


I'm anxious for these guys to hit the store so I can order some up! I very sadly wasn't able to Kickstart Bones 2 and must wait for them to be sold on the store like a peasant.

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It looks like it came straight out of the Monster Manual. Awesome job! I should track down these Tamiya clear paints, methinks.


I'm anxious for these guys to hit the store so I can order some up! I very sadly wasn't able to Kickstart Bones 2 and must wait for them to be sold on the store like a peasant.


Thanks!  I found the Tamiya Clear paints in a hobby shop, rather than a gaming store.  I think model-makers use them a lot.  I picked up clear green, yellow, blue, red, and smoke.  The nice thing is the green and blue are definitely darker than the Reaper Translucents of those colors - I'm not sure about the red, but I suspect the same is true of those.  I may pick up a pack of the "Wall of Fire" sometime to try. :)

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      Oh! And they glow in the dark a bit, though that's hard to photograph...

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      I ordered the new wraiths that were just released that were part of the Bones 4 KS. I thought they were going to be opaque (that's how they were first posted), and was bummed when they arrived as translucent. Mostly because I have never painted a translucent before. So I ordered up a couple other green guys to try out some technique.
      After botching up the Spirit figure with AP green quickshade, I moved on to this Grave Wraith. I used Muddy Brown on the ground, Mountain Stone on the gravestone and Bronze Dragon on the sword. I liberally used AP strong quickshade as a base on the wraith, and then highlighted with the Green Clear Bright. I think it looks pretty good. Any suggestions or comments welcome. I really want a creepy Nazgul look on my B4 wraiths, and this turned out better than I thought it might.

    • By Gary Pryor
      In a post Bones IV world there are lot more translucent miniatures in circulation. You may have had the same reaction I had, where I thought they were neat, but had no idea what to do with these things. Well, today was the day I decided I was going to try a few different experiments with painting these things to see what would happen. I did try an experiment once before with some purple translucent modes from bones 3, where I put a black wash over them. I was not happy with those results. They turned out looking opaque black with purple highlights from a distance, and translucent against a light or if you looked real close. Not a strong enough effect for table play. So this time, I did a bunch of research (mostly on this forum) and was told about using a clear coat and ink to add definition and maintain translucency. Looked good in the pictures, so I thought I would try some variations on that.

      First thing I wanted to experiment with was testing something I read here that said something to the effect of "the clear coat actually makes them more translucent, because it changes how they reflect light" so I thought I would try a matte clear coat and a gloss clear coat and see how they compared. The following are a very light black ink wash (from the Reaper Ink triad) and then Tamiya X-22 gloss clear (on the left) and Tamiya XF86 gloss matte (on the right).

      These models were not very translucent to begin with, but both coats did really make them appear more clear. The gloss was very shiny, had a distinctive wet look, and makes the model look like a clear piece of hard candy. The matte coated model appears to let about the same amount of light through, but is less reflective than it was before I coated with anything. With less reflection the model looks a little less ethereal, but also less like a plastic toy.

      I decided that I didn't want wet looking spirits, so I decided to go with a black ink wash and the matte coat. Here are those results:

      Much better than my last attempt, which were only transparent when held against a light. They are still reflective, but less than out of the box. I also tried a red ink instead and it had a very striking effect of red against the blue (the colors didn't blend at all like I thought they would) but it wasn't what I was looking for, so I washed it off.

      Here is a comparison of a painted and unpainted model:

      So really, I would say not painting them at all is totally viable. I like having the details show, but if they are ghosts, maybe it is okay that it is hard to see without taking a very close look.

      I also did a matte coat on some crystals (no ink) and it improved the translucency greatly, though it is hard to capture in a photograph.

      I learned I prefer that matte coat to clear, (but both are cool). Inks work well, where standard acrylics did not last time. Clear coats do make them more clear. and they transparent models look ghostly and cool already, so painting them isn't giving you that much really, if they are only intended for table play. maybe this information will be useful to someone. I wish I could have found it all in one place when I was puzzling over what to do and what to purchase.

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