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So, I grabbed a demon for my next Bones II project.  As I griped in another thread, getting under his left wing is a pain due to arm placement.


Basecoat is Cat's Eye Base.


Note, I'm playing and learning to use some Army Painter quickshades, and I learned that laying Dark Tone ink semi-heavily onto Crimson Red color almost washes out the red completely.




You can barely see the first set of feathers has some red underneath.  The second row of feathers is warpaint red.




Underside of his wings.





For the rest of the feathers, I alternated each feather warpaint and crimson.  And I'm working on rescuing the red.  I inked a couple of layers of Red Tone back over the dark feathers, then did a coat of Dark Tone over the top and middle portions, then red over the whole thing again.




I don't have enough decent light now to snap a picture of the underside again, I'll have to get one of those in the morning.

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Some more work done on the Vrock.  Wings are at a happy place, I think.


I've started working on the body.  Ruddy brown base, then brushing on the crimson red, then burning orange over the top of it, then a brown wash over that.  I have no clue what the feathers around the neck are called, but it's painted ash grey and then soft tone inked.  Ignore the shiny, inks are still drying when I took the picture.




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Keep going.


I live in the Netherlands and at first the main thing available her was GW.

So when I saw VROCK,. I didn't know what it was.

I saw the bird demon an automatically thought...Greater Deamon of Tzeentch.


So I looked up what a Vrock is actually supposed to be.

Strange how one can be conditioned when being familiar with a certain game system.

I like the Dungeons and Dragons lore.

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