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14208: Garr Wardog painted as my late pet ODIN

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Aw, what a sweetie.  So sorry about him.


My F-I-L has a boxer who's a delight.

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Thx all.


On a happier note.

In 2013 we got a new puppy. Name Brutus.

White Boxer.


I raised this little guy like the others and he is now an semi adult 2 years old.


Something went wrong though.

My former Boxers were real men.


We drank beer, watched action movies chased the mailmen, you know..

This guy however is influencend by my stephdaughters...


Instead of Brutus the tough Boxer he is in fact Snowflake the Carebear.

Who likes to sleep on top of my oldest daughter on the couch.

And who likes to watch The Voice Of Holland and stuff like that...


I give You Brutus.

One day I will paint up another mini like him as I did with Odin.


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Great looking model, I agree it's an excellent tribute.


On a related note, I think Hasslefree miniatures makes a boxer model


I am actually looking for a mini, even started a topic on that.

Last time i checked they only had the Not Scooby Doo which is a Great Dane.

Will check it out if there is a suitable Boxer.


A good mini is hard to come by, I dont want another Garr, because its also for my youngest stepdaughter, she asked for a Brutus.

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