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Nice work, I like the grouping up concept...I was having a problem thinking about all the bones I had, overwhelmed actually!

I think I can look at them in a whole different way now, Thanks!

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I find I get a lot more painting done if I can group the figures and use a common color scheme. It's a lot easier than trying to make each one unique.

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    • By giyomuSan
      Hi guys and happy new year to all of you !
      Have to move place last year november so this get me away for a while from mini stuff , but I get back to it :D..
      I have couple reaper in the work , just finished with this guy.

    • By Jeepnewbie
      I’m doing up some figures for our DnD campaign. The players are pretty happy with the figures so far. 
      Next I will be looking for a half elf monk, and a figure I can mod to have two pistols. The gunslinger doesn’t want a duster, so I’ll be looking for a figure in leather armor I can mod. 

    • By Ducknuck84
      Finished but not 100% satisfied maybe about 90%. The sculpt's look is fine but following the instructions the shadows came out too dark and the highlights barely noticeable the actual light over my table is doing more to highlight. Don't think this guy is the best to learn on due to the staff really blocking areas and making them hard to paint. If the staff was sculpted separate and you then glued it on I think it would be better. However for table top quality I this is fine and as always i learned some stuff.  I have another Anirion that I'll try again on at a later date.

    • By Level1painter
      Long time, no see guys.

      Sorry I haven't been posting much. 
      Recently moved houses which has taken a month to do so.

      Anyways, managed to get some free time which I used to paint this miniature. 
      I first primed the miniature with a black primer before using a white primer at a 45 degree angle to simulate a light source.

      I stuck with a mostly natural palette consisting mostly of greens, browns and yellow.
      When applying the paints, I thinned them down first so that they were semi transparent. Doing so allowed the paints to show through the simulated light source from the white primer. To tie it all down , I used a dark green wash to blend the paint job.

      For the base, I shaped the main stone piece out of an eraser. After mounting it on the base, I used a hot glue gun to create some tree roots. 
      I then used pva glue and coffee grind to simulate dirt and moss before allowing it to dry. 

      Painting the base was simple. Just a lot of dry brushing and a quick wash to blend it together.

      Feel free to leave comments, I love to hear feedback.

      - Level1painter.

    • By Sophie was taken
      Painted (mostly) by-the-numbers, Anirion:

      This was a departure from my normal style of painting, and I made a number of mistakes, but wanted to stick to the instructions and see how it all turned out. All things considered, I think it looks decent.
      I didn’t worry about trying to correct the bend in the staff or any mold lines. And I added a third highlight layer (more yellow) to the robes, to make them pop just a bit more. The camera washed these out, it seems.
      The little details probably deserved more attention, but the focus here was clearly on the robes. I think I did learn a few new things, hopefully for the better. More practice will help. Comments and critiques welcome.
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