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Monk-Mage 28mm miniature (Updated 3/26)

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Okay, not entirely done with this one, but nearly there and quite pleased.  I included my concept art (which included him having a leg band to hold wooden stakes or potions or something since I didn't think he'd want a bandolier since he's clearly showing off the chest).

I still need to touch up the mouth, finish the eyes, and put the shoulder and hip pads on the jacket.  I may do some sort of filigree or decoration along the hem as well.

The basic idea of this figure is it's a mini for my multiclassed kensai (magus archetype)/master of many styles (monk archetype) hence, monk-mage.  He's an aasimar who is quite pompous.  He delivers touch spells through his punches, so he's very melee focused. That and the overconfidence lead to the "Come at me" pose he's doing.

I'll update when I've finished the last few touches.







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Just posting the final version of my monk-mage.  I did the armature and then bulked it out with Sculpey (which is what I use for the bases) to save some on Green Stuff.  I mention this as it answers the question of, "Why does his upper lip seem kind of lighter than the rest of the figure?"

I wasn't quite as happy with his bare feet as I was with my Cat Burglar.  I had already Sculpied the foot area, so I didn't have the freedom I needed to create an instep.  Ah well, live and learn, I suppose.







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