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77313, 77314 - Hill Giants


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Took a lot longer than I expected, but here are my giants.  I learned a heck of a lot painting these guys, and only hope that I can apply it to smaller models.


My only real problem is that I don't think that I boiled the smaller giant enough.  He leans forward a lot, which makes him both a real pain to photograph and makes him quite tippy.  He can stay upright on level terrain, but if there are any bumps he falls over.  I'l probably be practicing molding a heavy boulder to attach behind him in the near future.





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You did a really nice job basing the first one, and Bones plastic is super soft.  You could just chop off the integral base on the second one, crazy glue it to one of the new bases from the Kickstarter, and give it the same basing treatment as the first.


Great job on these!  I love the sculpts, and it's great to see someone jump right into painting them.

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