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So You Are Thinking of Entering the Painting Competition at ReaperCon

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So you are coming to ReaperCon and its coming fast, especially for those of us still working away on our entries. ReaperCon is a rather unique convention and there is nothing else quite like it out th

Yeah, I entered Damien into the Open catergory because it was the only thing I'd ever converted!  The model picked to judge in Painters was one I wouldn't have entered and ended up with a silver.  

I would definitely prefer not to be asked questions about placement prior to the contest judging. It's a different atmosphere/lighting/frame of mind. I also feel like if we said one placement in advan

This is also something I like about this competition. There is no fixed amount of medals.


We're not competing among each other, you're only competing against yourself. If your mini/diorama is worthy of a silver, regardless of all the other entries, then you win silver. If the only participants are a hundred painting gods this year, then everyone will get golds. If a hundred children of the Reaperites are the only participants, you'll see a whole bunch of Certificates of Merits, then a couple of bronze and maybe a few silver/gold (some of us have big kids).


So by posting WIPs you get immediate feedback prior to the competition and it gives you the opportunity to fix/improve any detail. And even if we see it in the Show-Off threads, it'll never compare to seeing it in real life, though the Show-Off does give a "It's done!" feeling.

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Since I have started to post manufacturer awards I thought it was probably time to bump this post to the top again. Flip back to the first page and let me know if you have any questions.

I've got it on follow, going to make a list of figures that I have for these other manufacturer awards so that I can get started soon!

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Kris - I have to say I appreciate all your hard work getting these ReaperCon manufacturer contests added to a thread ahead of time and that you continue to reach out to new manufacturers and get them added in too. 

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Are we allowed to panic now?

I got a ton of work to do


When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream, and shout.


Panicking is always on topic.


Not according to my phone. 

The lock screen has the words "Don't panic" in large friendly letters

(over a picture of the unfashionable western spiral arm of the universe)


- it is actually more functional than my inspiration, but with a more limited range. 

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I'll be using my most recent bombshell figure that I painted up for my cleric as my bombshell entry. Very proud of her and especially how nicely her eyes came out. She's part of a diorama, but easily removed if I wanted to use her as a single figure.

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    • By insaniak
      StackaRack is a customisable plastic rack for miniature paints, designed to hold pots or bottles from any of the major manufacturers.

      Paint collections have a way of growing organically, and most of the current paint rack solutions out there are fixed to specific configurations, and made for a specific type of paint pot. If you're like me, and collect multiple brands of paint, that can make organising them a little frustrating, and so we thought we would try to fix that.

      StackaRack was designed to hold any of the major miniature paint ranges - from the dropper bottles used by Vallejo and Army Painter, to the tall pots from the likes of Privateer and Reaper (and GW's old range), and the current stubby Citadel pots. The injection moulded plastic parts will fit together with plastic clips, allowing you to build it how you like, and disassemble and reconfigure it as needed.
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      I'd never felt I had an artistic bone in my body until I started painting minis. Well, now, I decided I'm going to try my hand at 2D art. 
      I am following along Bob Ross videos on YouTube. I will note, and this is probably very important, that I am using acrylic paint and not oils. I did not want to spend oil paint prices since this is a new thing for me.
      These are the two I've done:
      Day 1: I learned a lot, I needed to do something with my paint to extend the drying time. This would have helped with the blending. Overall, happy with it excepting the house.

      2: I used some slow dry medium mixed into the paint today. Not sure if it was not mixed well enough or I didn't use enough but it only gave me like 5 minutes or less of extra working time. If anyone has any suggestions for how to use slow dry medium, please, let me know. I'm using heavy bodied acrylic tube paints.
      I followed along until the end and I decided to add some darker blue and green. I think that helped a lot.

      Another note, need to find sturdier paper. While this is holding up it likes to curl slightly while drying. The second one is taped to the desk on the back to try to minimize that problem. I am currently using a mixed media paper.
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      So how do I paint something with a marble effect? I have a sepulcher or sarcophagus, primed light grey, and I want to paint it like it was made from marble. Any ideas or tricks? Colors? Anything? Bueller?
      If it helps, its the one from the Horror subset of the Bones 4 Kickstarter.
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Today I wanted to show off some cheap 54mm Vikings that I painted up as Frost Giants.

      I made these guys close to a year ago, and they were among some of the first larger sized minis I had worked on, so they're a little rough, and that's before looking at the quality of model, but if someone else is in need of a lot of giants like I was, then this might be useful to them!

      So these guys are from Tehnolog, a Russian miniatures company that I know very little about.  The minis are made out of a soft plastic like novelty toys you can buy with tickets at an arcade.  They also have abysmal detail.

      They're meant for 54mm wargaming, and I believe there's an intended game system that accompanies the line, but my goal was to get some cheap giants for D&D.

      They fit nicely on a 2in base, and could probably fit in with the smaller Reaper Bones giants, but they're definitely a little undersized.  I remedied this by giving them each a boosted base, with the leader getting two layers.  At a glance, they tower over a standard medium sized mini.
      The details were rough and there were some ugly mold lines here and there.  But they're serviceable.  They might work better as a half-giant if you want to use 5e's Huge Frost Giants.
      More pictures of each giant below the Spoiler:
      Tehnolog also has a few other lines of fantasy-esque minis if you're a fan of cheap minis.  I am still considering getting one of their other lines to convert into cheap-o Fire Giants.

      What's your favorite obscure miniature substitute?
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hi all.  Still relatively new to the forums but I'm going to try to show off my work more often.

      I was working on an arctic campaign before the pandemic hit and had already started work on a lot of suitable minis.  Not sure when or if that game will ever resume, but in the meantime I've got plenty of minis to paint!

      This time we have the Ice Troll.  I'm satisfied with this.  Especially proud of his ice chunk.  I've never been very successful painting ice or crystals before.

      Hope you enjoy!



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