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So, remember this?  I was going to throw up a bunch of monster pictures.  I kind of got derailed a bit by real life, but since I've recently painted some undead, I thought I'd show another branch of the Evil Army. :)  I think I'll post a mini and a link until I've got the current lot, then do a group shot.


First, some real old ones.  Here's a mini I painted way back when in the 90s.  Not a terrible job, I think, this is the "Ghoul Warrior."




Now lets link one of the first ones I've done in my recent come back to the hobby, the Ghost King.  Oh, look, it doesn't have a product # tag.  I'll add that. ;)


More to come!

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More Undead please.


More undead then!


We need a caster, possibly a leader.  Here's another fellow from the 90s, I was easily able to find him on the Reaper site as "Aserlis Liche Lord."  I believe I used him as some sort of sorceror for my Undead Mordheim warband - honestly I liked the Reaper minis more than I liked the GW ones, and they were a hell of a lot cheaper:




And let me link in my rendition of the translucent Night Spectre that I really liked a lot.  He'll make for a good tank for the unit, I think!

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I think we need grunts for this unit, some skeletons.  These two guys are positively ancient. I  have no idea what brand they are.  They're also pretty tiny - old scale makes them about halfling-sized.  I'll get a unit shot sooner or later.  The interesting thing is they have metal bases - the legs end in pegs that fit into holes in the base.


If anyone knows what brand these are, I'd be interested in hearing.


Here they are:





 For another grunt, lets put in a Grave Wraith.  A higher-level grunt, say.

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They look good, no idea about makers though. Just as a SWAG, the bottom one looks like it could be an old Ral Partha fig. I seem to remember them having some of those peg on the foot going into a metal base type figures towards the end of their run.

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Ok, one more then a unit shot.  I think I'll add to these guys, honestly - you can always use more undead!  Just started painting some of the Skeleton Guardians from the KSII.


Another Reaper Mini - this is listed as "Khalith Mummy King."  Again, I painted this... I have no idea, but I strongly suspect it was not 2000 yet.  I tried making the sword look bronze, didn't do an awful job, I think





 I think this is the last link, my recent paint (and not so recent paint) of the "Crypt Wraith"


I'll post the unit as soon as I can either get to my GDrive or figure out another way.

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Ok, got 'em.  Here's a group shot!  I arranged the guys with the liche acting as "command," the Crypt wraiths his own bodyguard, and the rest arranged about on a lower level.  Because of the distance, only the front or back rank was in focus, so I took have two pictures:




Now I need to paint up more undead to add them!

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