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Little while back painted Derek Schubert's Koya Mvashti, from the Pathfinder line. I really love this sculpt. It turned into a real festival of colors. I tried playing around with bright and kind of went from there. Had a lot of fun with her. Likely will base her at a later date; apologies for the white tab.










Thanks for looking! Feel free to provide advice for future reckoning.

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Thanks, y'all.


The shoes are a bit different color, but probably not enough. I took a wild hair to do something besides my typical leather-brown mix. So I tried to match, but, yeah. I will try some blackening.

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Bold colors!  I like it.  Thanks for painting her.


Seeing the edge of your curving backdrop -- and the blackness of deep space beyond -- is a little distracting.  When you take pictures of your next finished miniature, I suggest keeping your camera pointed straight ahead at the backdrop, and just turning the figure to a variety of angles.



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Thanks! Wish I could do her greater justice.



I can't get the lighting right focusing straight on the paper. Everything gets the blue-ing and the details fuzz even worse. Or does it more often, anyway. Which probably just means something else is wrong, but. I'm setting up a lightbox for future photos, homemade one--I don't want to put a lot into this, at all, as I'm just painting for the tabletop, but it's pretty frustrating. Hoping this'll solve some problems, diffusing the light. Otherwise I'm just going to start taking pictures of them sitting wherever, 'cause, yeah. Tabletop. I just take the pictures to prove that I exist. :ph34r:

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