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Phoenix: Dawn Command by Keith Baker and Daniel Garrison


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Phoenix: Dawn Command is a new card-based RPG by Keith Baker and Daniel Garrison launching on Kickstarter April 6th. The game was developed by Keith and Dan as the first release for Twogether Studios.


Tha Game is Now Live!!




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Many of you may already know Keith Baker's projects, but if not he's best known as the creator of the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons and Dragons as well as the outstanding card game Gloom. Here's a blog link to Keith's website where he posts additional details:




I've had the good fortune to playtest this game a few times. The system has many strengths that I think narrative / story based RPG players will find interesting. For tactical minded people, the card system developed by Keith and Dan are very interesting in building combos in combat scenarios, like using the best parts of a deck builder in an RPG.

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Thanks for the response. I'D say Phoenix is an RPG with elements of a deck-building game. You are working through a narrative story / challenge and your deck provides what you can do at any given time.


The character creation video explains it pretty well:



Also, dying is the principle way of leveling. That's where you expand your deck (hence, Phoenix).

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Has there been any word on using these cards with custom campaign worlds...or even already established ones?


It would be nice if it works for running Eberron or something, too.


Yes, Keith has a post about it on his blog:




There's some great ideas in there - more than a few I'm going to want to try at my table. 

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