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ShadowRaven tackles a Grippli

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So, a couple of you know in a PbP pathfinder game, I am playing what started off as a joke. A Grippli ninja based on my Facebook avatar, which is a picture I stole after Froggy posted it. A frog, or in this case Grippli ninja. Stonehaven, makers of gnomes and other assorted awesomeness actually have a few Grippli for sale. I bought one. This is my attempt to do it justice. First, the picture. Spoilered for size





and secondly, what I have to work with...not spoilered for size...



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post-8132-0-04711900-1427316426.jpgSo, the start of this guy is the base. I've decided because Grippli are arboreal, and because of the PC's preference for ambush attacks, I would put him in a tree, to do that of course, I need a tree. Channeling, appropriatly enough, my inner Froggy I set about to create one out of junk. The trunk is a section from a dead pen, the branch he will stand out on the shaft of a Q-tip and a bit of wire. A layer of brownstuff with a bark texture added should provide the rest of the detail, and some clump foliage to provide leaves on the end of the branch, and the bottom of the base to give the feel of being up in a tree.

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Yeah. There shouldn't be a whole lot of work in getting him removed from what amounts to his base. More filing then anything to get it all cleaned up then cutting. The plan is to pin him to the branch with a piece of mandolin E string I have on hand, which is very thin. Even so, it'll be a trick and a half.

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