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What Would YOU Have Done Differently?

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I was painting a Bones stone golem for a game, and I attempted to give it a kind of tree bark looking texture or some kind of wood texture because... frankly they didn't have the miniature I was looking for in stock.  My first thought was to attempt to make it look like muscle, but painting it in wood colors to make it look organic kind of like Groot.  Though I scrapped that and tried a generic bark texture.  Now it looks more like rust on iron in my opinion, so i finished it for now.

What would you have done to attempt to make this guy look more 'wooden'.



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Googled images of tree bark first. Because our conceptions are often over generalized and painting what we think something looks like is often way off.

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- Covered him in a thin layer of greenstuff, and then dragged a needle tool through to create the right texture.

- For a carved wood golem, would have drawn thin lines in a light tan to suggest grain.


What DixonGrfx suggests is also good. But, even easier, go outside and go look at a tree. Is the bark really brown? The tree I can see from my window is closer to light gray, with spots of tan and brown. My maple is greenish, with ruddy red-brown splotches on it.


Any single color is almost always too much of an overgeneralization.

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I would have tried some super thin lines of woodgrain, and maybe gone so far as to stick some twigs and leave on him in a few places.

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Most trees round about me are a greyish color. What I see in your pictures is a very good Clay Golem made of a Brownish clay.


What I would have done differently is select a different model to be a wood golem. To look like wood there needs to be a suggestion of woodgrain. or even more difficult, a suggestion of bark.

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I would have made bark over the skin from greenstuff, and made the skirt look like moss.


Personally, more than looking to nature which can be hard for an inexperienced person to translate with greenstuff. I'd have chosen minis that were wood to use as my guide.


I think the textures on this guy would have been relatively easy to duplicate.




Also adding some real lichens or Spanish moss would help.


Although I have never tried to recreate bark. I do lots of fur and manes and tails which are similar.


I have a half-giant, that I might try this on.

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