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I'm using a TC910 compressor and going back and forth between a Badger Renegade Krome and an Iwata Revolution HP CR. I'm... not really happy with the Krome because it clogs often, but that might be because I'm not doing a good enough job cleaning it. I also would have gone iwth a cheaper compressor rather than the one I got (Master sells basically the same compressor for half the cost without the outer shell that the TC910 has, but I ended up taking that off anyway.. oh well.) 


I'm currently running my Badger 150 and 200 off of a CO2 tank, but I'm contemplating picking up another compressor (for portability).  I really haven't done enough research yet into what is available in order to get the best bang for my buck.  Suggestions would be welcome.


The Egg

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Honestly I couldn't find anything locally that wasn't grossly overpriced, and I have a prime account to I just got the TC910 with free shipping (which is nice for a 30lb package lol.) 


I wouldn't buy it again just because it's the same generic compressor and tank that Master sells except it has a case covering it, but this makes it really difficult to get to the PSI control and see the PSI, so I took it off. 


The only other compressor I've used is a little Iwata one that tops out at 18 psi and doesn't have any gauge or anything. It was not fun to work with. I like the TC910 so far, it's quiet enough that I can't hear it in other rooms in my apartment, and the tank helps to make sure it's not running constantly. 

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