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Thanks, y'all.



I find shading black to be really tough. Do you usually matte spray your minis? He looks a little glossy to me would be my only comment, though it might just be the photo.


No, he definitely needs it. I have a couple cans of Dullcote to start gettin' 'em done, but I've yet to start spraying anything. I procrastinate badly and have become kind of a serial offender on this front. Now that the weather's gotten nice again I've zero excuse.


With the black highlights, I think up at the top of his head it was close to being what I wanted. It gets a lot shakier elsewhere. I's trying out a guide I saw somewhere or another. I may revisit with a little darkening. Or something. Something. Eh.



I love that you said He-man, I actually did a He-man conversion of him some time ago. You did a great job btw.




Haha, yes! I'd seen yours back before I painted mine. I semi-obsessively seek out other people's work before starting my own.


I'm surprised, too, that Brom doesn't get painted more often. I'm not a huge barbarian guy, but this is a super-fun sculpt.

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Awesome man. One tip is to make yourself a lightbox. It's simple to do and will make a world of difference in your show off pictures. For example your first pic has some lighting that gives him a bluish effect that messes with actually showing what you did with the sculpt. You painted him and other figures you have posted really well and should be super proud. Show them off in a more accurate light and you'll be even more proud.

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Eh, I'm okay with my tabletop-painting ways, anyway. I've heard tell and all of lightboxes, and their being built, but I'm generally not terribly handy. I've been looking around at lights in order to get a second table-painting-what's-it kind of light, try to even things out, but I'll start taking a look at how a lightbox is made. I'll try things I probably shouldn't, anyway.



ETA: This one looks like something I could try.

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    • By R2ED
      Finally got back on to some painting.  It was a minor win, but just basing this dude feels good to be done.  One cool thing i thought was fun is that i put a footprint in the mud under his left foot.  Kind of a small, but cool detail. 
    • By R2ED
      Got another one down for the weekend. 

      This time paying special attention to the face and eyes.  @Inarahmentioned to me to lighten things up a little.  So, I took her advice.  I think it turned out for the best!
      *  Taking way more time around the face this time and really putting a lot of work into leveling up the color step by step with really thin paint worked well.  VMC Burnt Red and VMC Flat Flesh was a good blend together.  I think in the face, I could have added a bit more fare skin, but hey, he's a barbarian.  He's not going for a "best skin" award, he's going for best raging out award.
      *  The bone, leather, fur was a really fun combination to work on. I kept things pretty simple and the variation between all of them were pretty complementary.  
      *  Again using the zenithal highlight really helped features stand out and give me a good starting point. 
      *  Stages: Skin, then leather elements, then accessories, then weapons.  The working method inside to out went great.  
      *  I really like the way the scabbard came out, but I kind of thing it was supposed to be straight up and down and not off to the side, but I hate when it's up and down because it'd be impossible to get the sword out of.  However, the downside is the scabbard has NO detail behind it and it's jutting out, which Ididn't think about when I glued it in place.  Wah wah.
      *  Free hand on the handle.  I added the little black/brown element on the sword handle.  I am pretty happy with that.  I think it's a nice slight add.
      *  Loin cloth was a deep red I was trying to lighten up.  I used a light grey, didn't work.  Then I tried white - pink?  Do you think a barbarian is going to wear pink?  "I reckon' you get your broccoli kicked for wearing something like that."  In thinking about it I could have pushed it to orange for the highlight.  Doh!
      *  Eyes - I did them better this time, to @Inarah's point, but I didn't have enough room to get much else in there.  I was also at a points where I knew if I tried to fix it, it was only going to get worse, so I called it where it was.  Meh.
      *  Sword - just a basic steel.  I tried to use a black wash on the bottom side of the blade to give it shading, but you really can't see it on the photo.  It's nothing special, and again, I wish it was more...anything.  It's pretty basic.
      I'm reallllly looking forward to putting a base on this one. Needs to be something epic, so this will be a special one.  I'm very, very happy with how this turned out and feel it's a good spot to stop for the weekend.  Yay!
      As always - open to feedback and would love your thoughts.


    • By Geoff Davis
      I know I haven't posted in a while, but I still check in daily on the friendliest mini-painting forum on the web!  Still lurking here while pursuing my obsession with OSL. 

    • By thefub
      My first figure 2021. I started painting about 2 years and took a year+ off from it. I decided to get back into and got some new paints and brushes for Xmas. Still working on my technique and would like to hear your opinion.

    • By Conan the Painter
      I wanted Conan.  and this looked pretty much exactly like him.  I painted him up a month or two ago, and since I already posted my wizard today I decided to post Dantrag (Conan) today as well.  Again, any tips or advice on painting or photographing will be gratefully accepted.  

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