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WIP : Bones Young Fire Dragon

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My daughter got to paint her first dragon a couple months ago.  I did not write down any of the colors she used though but they were all Reaper MSP paints that I have.  The red looked pretty good at the time and I had her go over it with a second coat but it was not until I showed her what a very watered down black could do as a wash over the base coat that really made it look awesome in my eyes.


Here is a finished pic of the dragon and I can try to find the paint just so you know how it may have looked before the wash.







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I asked the daughter this morning if she remembered the paint name but she did not. She thought it was Fireball Red but that color does not exist. :)  Looking through my reds we found what both of us agreed was the color used for her dragon.
Magma Red


Found a pic that I took of her painting it and that looks about the same brightness.  The wash really did a good number on it.


Looking forward to seeing how your guy turns out once you pick a wash and go over it.

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Since your dragon looks exactly like mine did at first, I do think that it's just the paint being difficult.  I painted a bunch of Bones kobolds using Reapers HD reds, and that helped a lot. 


If you're using to priming black, a light undercoat of one of the Reaper liners would probably get you back into your comfort zone.  Plus it makes the details easier to pick out on the more complicated minis.  ^_^

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