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02805, Rowena the Barbarian Shaman

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    • By Pochi
      I had paint day today and wanted to paint something I could finish pretty quickly since I will be leaving for vacation. I chose the mouseling sorcerer. Had some fun with him! Here is Dumble Doormouse!



    • By EldritchEladrin
      My take on Orcus, in a diabolical red.

    • By 72moonglum
      So, using this new version of the forum, very exciting!
      So just got these two finished last night and photos taken this afternoon.  Two pretty simple figures, I actually chose them because they were simple, kind of a "between projects" little paint job, and the added bonus was that they were mostly skin and cloth, very little armor, which is somewhat traumatizing.
      Reasonably happy on how they turned out.  For the thief, her eyes were very deeply set, like some of Dennis Mize's figures are, so once I was actually able to get an eyeball into her, I didn't try to add an additional color or anything And the thief looks a little angry, but I think it's more the sculpt than my paint job, but who's to say for sure? and she has darkish skin and Dark hair, so dark brown eyes weren't too much of a stretch on her anyway.
      These two came from an old Silver and Steel Partha set from Ral Partha, the sets that were full of Larry Elmore beauties.  For the mage, I didn't really go into it with any preconception of colors, so who knows where the reds and pinks came from, but I think it turned out kind of nicely, with vibrant colors instead of blah ones. So anyways, enjoy!

    • By aku-chan
      Also finished my Gnome Magician:-

      The blends on the back of his coat could be a little neater, but otherwise I'm really happy with him.
      Comments and criticisms graciously received.
    • By Metalchaos
      Mr. Moleman, dig me a hole...
      Sculpts by Jason Wiebe.
      The magic user:



      The polearm guard:



      The spear guard (painted by a friend):


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