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Sorry, I shied away from the game completely when they started developing and changing the rules in the first kickstarter. Rule writing by committee is never a good thing. That being said I frequent a number of other forums and I have yet to see an example of play or an AAR of the game.

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The Beasts of War site has been pushing it pretty heavily. They have several discussions going on about it over there.


Edit: I checked to see if their demo coverage is exclusive, and it's not. Anybody can watch their demo game videos. (Some other videos are locked; Backstage Pass required.)

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Thanks.  Maybe I'll check out a video or two.  I really don't give a lot of credence to what BoW thinks though.  I frequently get the feeling that they like some things simply because they are getting something in return.  But a play through example should be fine.

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Thanks.  Maybe I'll check out a video or two.  I really don't give a lot of credence to what BoW thinks though.  I frequently get the feeling that they like some things simply because they are getting something in return.  But a play through example should be fine.

BoW is no different then any other tech or video game site so they are mostly a promotional tool for companies, you'll never hear them say something bad about the game but you will see the hosts mention if they're just not into a game or not. They also, from what I can tell, probably wouldn't bash a game or company even if they weren't getting free stuff and paid advertising as they do seam like the type that would rather talk enthusiastically about the hobby over being overly negative.


Their demo videos are very good though as they usually have company representatives there to help with the demos so you can get a very good understanding of how they play.



As to WWX. I've got a buddy that owns a bunch, really likes the figures and scale (35mm\0 scale) but I don't think he's ever played--just used them for his Iron Kingdoms RPG.

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I have been impressed with the minis from the first KS, but have never played. I backed this one, but at a much lower level as i was less impressed with the selections. I like some of the golden army stuff from this KS, so will select it, a few individuals, and the women of the west add on that opened up at the end.


Btw i thought they had a lot of WWX gaming (maybe even a tournament) at Adepticon.

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I think BoW is honest enough. They will give a lukewarm reception to something they don't think is great, though they won't rag on it. They certainly don't edit user critiques in the comments. My impression is that they will rather try to avoid something that doesn't excite them, rather than give it a bad review.


My problem with BoW is that they are basically a constant shill for the Evil Empire. No matter how badly that company treats them (they've shut them down and taken legal action against BoW), they not only slink back like beaten dogs, they kiss even more butt each time. And they perpetuate all the sorts of myths the worst fanboys do.


Except for Roman, the guy who does paint tutorials. He is vocal about his distaste for the Evil Empire, and very supportive of just about everybody else.


All that said, I don't know how any of it would hurt your ability to decide for yourself whether you like WWX by going to their site. They demo it. That's hardly brainwashing. They show great, big color pictures, so you can see it all and judge for yourself. And their comments sections will have plenty of people advising if they think it sucks. It's not like you're going to be overwhelmingly talked into anything - LOL.

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