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Needed a (bones and hopefully chip-resistant) mini for a tabletop character I'm playing and this fellow seems to be the ticket. Sure, the skull on his shoulder pad is a little off-putting, but it's not like the rest of him isn't.


Threw about three hours at this fellow and was alternately happy and dismayed with how various bits turned out. The base is some Happy Seppuku stamped greenstuff.






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Thanks! And good thinking! I don't go back and do touch-ups, generally, but I really do need to keep tattoos in mind. Not being inclined to have them myself, it's something I often forget about. They'd be a nice thing to practice my freehand on.


I'm actually happier with him than I am much of my other mini painting work, but I'm a perfectionist. The eyes bug me now that I see them in the photo, although I do like the Bruce Willis look he's sort of got. Blending on the right pauldron didn't go so well. Kind of mangled the snow effect on the cobblestones. Blending could have been (way) smoother on the legs. Stuff like that. ^_^


The runes on the sword are with a bit of Vallejo fluorescents, for what that's worth. Did a coat of light green in Reaper, then a mix of green and yellow fluorescent on top of that and smeared around the runes.

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