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I like what I can see of the shield a lot - can we get a better view of that?

Thanks! That would certainly have made sense--I'm not sure what I was thinking outside of "uuugh it's after midnight and I need to get this posted for the challenge!" I'll add some pics tonight.

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Good work!  You did a good job blocking out the NMM colors on the shield as an overall surface.  What would really enhance the effect would be going darker with the shadows between the "feathers"/parts of the symbol, and adding a highlight to each of those parts -- little glints wherever the surface is oriented like a mirror for the imaginary light.


Will you be at ReaperCon again this year?



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Thank you! Looking back at the shield and the contrast near the top, that's a really good suggestion--I was intending to keep the lines between the... feathers? Vanes? etc. dark, but I totally washed them out while painting in the colors. It looks like I lost a lot of definition towards the top of the shield. It looks obvious now and I am a little embarrassed to admit that when I revisited this mini earlier this week, I didn't go back and reevaluate much of my previous work. Then again, the best advice is often the most obvious.


Regarding your note about the highlights--do you mind if I ask for some clarification, because my eye is not yet good enough to spot these things by itself?--are you suggesting that the "highlights" towards the top of the shield are too dark, or that I should add some highlights to the bottom of the shield? Am I missing some highlights on the top surfaces, perhaps I should have multiple highlights there? Or, hm, maybe that I need to fill in some of the missing highlights on those bits of the pattern that I wiped out and forgot to redo, there is that little problem.


Anyway, that was a very good critique, I'll be thinking about what you've said. Especially if I dig out another copy of her out next year and see how I measure up! Thanks again.


I'm going to be at Reapercon, yeah! Maybe I should bring her along and harass kindly ask some of you very nice artists for advice. Is chocolate still going to work as a bribe after all of the threats I've seen to force feed it to you all?

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Glad you appreciate the critique.


To clarify: Look at where you painted your near-white highlight, and now imagine that that's the angle where the "light" is reflecting off the shield.  Then look for other surfaces on the shield (probably the tops or sides of the feathers/vanes/etc) that are oriented in the same way.  Each of them is like a mirror, where the "light" should be glinting off. 

This is one of the big ideas for NMM -- being able to imagine where the reflections would be. 

Or if you can't imagine it, let a real light help you: paint a layer of gloss sealer over the shield (or brush a layer of water over it and look fast), hold it under your lamp and turn it to various angles until the real reflection off the glossy/wet surface matches your painted highlight.  Hold it steady there.  (And re-wet as needed, if you're using water instead of sealer.)  Then put a dab of white paint anywhere you see a real glint of light off the glossy/wet surface.  Then use your gold NMM paints to blend those dabs of white into the rest of the shield.  Re-coat the shield again with matte sealer, if you need.


I recently painted this figure, who wears gold/bronze armor with a lot of complex shapes and detailing:



See you at ReaperCon!



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