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Alright, this is less showing off and more about getting critiques about my more recent "ambitious but rubbish" project.  I had three goals in mind when doing this one, make him look the part of a nasty angler fish with appropriate coloration, paint corrosion on the copper/brass armor, and attempt to make it look like his lure was glowing with an osl effect.  The latter two things I haven't done before and from the looks of this current effort I still need some practice.





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It's a good start :)

Just needs some tweaking. Not my area of expertise, I am a noob painted as well but I am sure someone else can help.

I think the corrosion does have the look of really corroded copper. When I used to go salt water fishing with my Grandpa there was some thick corrosion on old metal items.

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 The corrosion effect came out fairly well, especially on the back. I'm not sure if it's just the lighting in the pic, but I think the armor is just a bit too orange to look like copper or brass. (The red/orange tones in copper should be somewhat subtle, and even more so with brass.)

If it's painted orange to match the rest of him, you should probably have more spots of "bare" metal showing through the paint and corrosion - since he's wearing the armor (presumably on a regular basis), any place where the edges of the plates have been rubbing against each other or other objects would have the corrosion chipped off or the paint worn through, showing bare metal underneath. Your highest highlights, particularly on the tips of the spikes, should go right up to a straight metallic copper or brass.

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A bit of diluted brown ink on the armor would heighten its coppery look. Then you might touch the high points up, as Jack said, with a brass. Then I would go back over the corrosion and touch it up to bring it back up over the wash. Just highlight it. That would give you multiple layers of corrosion that would add depth and history to the effect.


I think you did a good job with the shadows created by the light source, but the color of the light and the source don't seem to match. Also, the OSL where it falls on the other areas all seems to be one color. Remember that the color of the light will reflect differently on different areas, depending on their color, material, and relative height.

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The corrosion effect came out looking great. It is seriously good.


I think your OSL is going to be challenged by your choice to use true metallic metals--good OSL requires a ton of contrast and I imagine it's going to be really tough to push contrast with a bright, cheery TMM bronze or copper. Maybe if you add dark enough weathering, following Bruunwald or Jack's advice, that might suffice. At the moment, the OSL effect and the corrosion appeared to be about the same brightness to my eye, which made sorting out which effects are which a little confusing. 


I say, think of it as at least a partial success! He's not half bad.

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In the skirt area it looks like you were going for black, which can be difficult. I'd like to suggest the thread entitled "Your best Painting Black Tutorial" in the painting tips & advice forum. It has a lot of great links in it.


I would link to said thread, but I can't paste at work because IE11 is *redacted.... a lot* :grr:  <_<

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In the skirt area it looks like you were going for black, which can be difficult. I'd like to suggest the thread entitled "Your best Painting Black Tutorial" in the painting tips & advice forum. It has a lot of great links in it.


I would link to said thread, but I can't paste at work because IE11 is *redacted.... a lot* :grr:  <_<


Actually, I was aiming for a dark grey because the Angler fish is sometimes a kind of dark grey, also to tie it into the deep sea theme because it also looked like the rubber they used on some of those old diving suits.


Also, I might end up partially repainting him and attempting to get that OSL effect right and to incorporate some of the suggestions presented before hand.  I'll post up a WIP in the WIP thread if it becomes a long time project.

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      *  What colors to use for bringing up a light source?  I was thinking some kind of fire getting cast away.  I went Orange, Yellow, White, but only hitting white up close and fading to deeper colors farther from the source.
      *  The shading in the cape and undercape - I didn't do anything but feel it does need something.  Does it look strange without it?
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