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GNL Mats by GameNightLife


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This just posted in the comments section:


"So, just a heads up / sneak peek before the official statement---We got the mats, and they look good. Magnet strength is perfect, they are the right mix of bendy and firm, the backs are non-slip, and so on. We're commencing with a lot of erasing-related tests right away, too. Stay tuned!"

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On 3/21/2017 at 2:19 PM, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

This just posted in the comments section:


"So, just a heads up / sneak peek before the official statement---We got the mats, and they look good. Magnet strength is perfect, they are the right mix of bendy and firm, the backs are non-slip, and so on. We're commencing with a lot of erasing-related tests right away, too. Stay tuned!"


Thanks I always miss their inbetween updates since they seem to very rarely use the KS update mechanism to pass information on. Am still hopeful about the quality of the product.

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Update 4/1/17

First off, we want to mention that this is not an "April Fool's day" thing.  April Fool's day jokes do not even mention the date, and we have doubly done so now.  


We got to do some of our tests on the tiny sample shipment.  There were expected defects that come from lack of machining (like the lines not being perfectly aligned), but the materials used were correct. The magnets are exactly as strong as they need to be, and the surface erases perfectly with both wet and dry erase markers.  The nonslip backing is exactly right, allowing sliding when you want to, and gripping when you apply downward pressure.


We negotiated our first contract with this factory during the weeks of testing, and signed and paid for our first shipment on Friday the 31st.  The factory will make a certain number of the mats during the next 60 days, and then they will be ready to ship to us.  We will then get a 'sample crate' for us to inspect, and if they are correct, then they will be shipped to us.  Once they are in our hands, we will begin sending them to you.   

The bags have been ready for some time, and the stickers will be made in the next few weeks.  (The ones we ordered before were extremely thin, and were not very durable. The ones we are getting now are thick, like the original Colorforms from long ago.) 

One Important Caveat

In order to get things moving along sooner rather than later, the first shipment from this factory (the one that will be completed within 60 days) is only going to be the 1" parchment square mats.  They were far and away the most popular item ordered (over half of the total number of mats were 1" parchment squares!). So in order to get started fulfilling orders as quickly as possible, this was the fastest way.  

We wanted to be able to order everything at once, but that made the factory uncomfortable: they were afraid this might be a one-off on our part, which is certainly not the case. We intend to be here, providing mats (and other stuff) for years.

Once we get these, and both we and the factory have this first order under our metaphorical belts, we will then order the blue, gray, green, and mulisquare 1" square mats, in addition to more parchment mats.  It is possible that we can get the hexagonal ones worked into the 2nd shipment, too, but to be safe, we are considering moving that out to the 3rd shipment from them.  Shipments will be between 2 and 3 months each.  Now that we've gotten rolling, things should be fairly regular.

Again, we wish we could fulfill all orders at once, but this "tiered" response will make it so we can get started fulfilling orders, and building a better relationship with this factory.  Which should mean significantly faster response times in the future.

We're really thankful for all of your support over this (absurdly) long haul.  But thankfully, we're finally getting there, and we think it'll be worth the wait.  We think these mats will be a staple for gaming tables for many, many years to come.  

So, thanks for reading, and thanks for backing us!

PS -- Editing your address / Editing your order:

You can still change your address or your order at https://www.gamenightlife.com/myaccount.asp

When you change your address, change the address of your ACCOUNT, not the address of your ORDER. (The system is weird about changing the address of an order that has already been placed.) 

It is also possible to change your order, if you want. Just go to 

If you (Kickstarter backers) have trouble editing your order, you can always delete/remake your order and use the same coupon codes (kickstarter_fix and kickstarter_fix_shipping) as before.

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