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Very nice!  Much better than the D&D Miniatures one (which is on my shelf of shame waiting on a repaint). 


I think the highlighting pattern and the 'horn' segments work really well, almost a cell-shaded look which I like quite a bit.


?'s for you:

Is the base a proper size (3" across)?

Why was there a time constraint (using in a game?)?

Is all of the material at the base integral, or were flocking or rocks used to expand it?

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The base is proper for a huge creature if I recall - it's currently in a case at my local shop, but I'm pretty sure it is the standard 3" diameter.


The time constraint was that I bought it late Wednesday night and had it back to the shop finished for the show by Saturday afternoon (my local store does an "Armies on Parade" miniature show every few months, with categories for fantasy and sci-fi figures).  I think I put about 14 hours into it over two days after I got it glued together and primed. 


Everything on the base was straight out of the box - I didn't add any green stuff, rocks, or flocking.  The figure was four parts: The base, the body, the head (upper jaw and 5-6 segments of the body), and the lower jaw.  It's all made out of a very solid resin, which made it nice and heavy.

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This is such a great model. Very nice paint job.


I've wanted this beast for years and finally ordered one (couldn't pass up the sale). Between the small Bones 1 purple worm, this huge one, and the enormous Goremaw from Bones 3, we can make a thrilling "worm outbreak" themed adventure.

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Wow, I hadn't posted anything here for awhile and suddenly return to find this thing bumped from last year!


Thanks all for the kind words.  I actually miss this model - I donated it to a charity raffle last month and it went off to a new home.  Hopefully the worm gets to kill an adventurer or three in the near future.

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Funny I like this model but with Reaper coming out with their version with Bones 3 I think I'm set for giant worm models. Thou I may have to put a squirrel on top of it (if you've seen my last rcon paint entry you'd understand ::):)

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