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RPG GAME (Prologue)..." The Tears & Sorrows of Oblivion "...

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In the near future, I will again be starting a (10 player/character) RPG game...titled " The Tears and Sorrows of Oblivion ".


I hope that this initial prologue will set the visual scene for you...in my actual games...I use/provide the players with pictures/photos to give them an idea/feel for the area that they are in...the enclosed photos are what is/are provided to the players !


The game itself will be played on a table top...but the whole adventure map (provided to the players) is a small (10 by 10 hex) game map = 100 hexes...each hex is (1) full adventure day. The adventure map contains the following areas;


1.  (15) Dark green hexes = the dark forest with the sun light mostly blocked out...dark trees and strange silhouettes everywhere...there is a constant misty fog in the forest and a low fog hugs the ground...visibility is minimal at best (6" to 8")...there is a heavy smell of rotting vegetation that is constant. Movement is reduced to (4").


2.  (16) Light green hexes = wide open rolling meadows with knee high grasses and flowers...edged by thick trees on both sides...there is no cover available in the meadows...the group is in the wide open...Bright sunlight during the daylight hours.


3.  (17) Dark brown hexes = these are the canyons...very steep sides...the canyons are littered with rocks and boulders of all sizes...it is grey overcast in the canyons at all times during the daytime hours.


4.  (18) Yellow/gold hexes = this is the outback...very rough broken ground with washes/gullies...bright sunlight during the daytime hours with temperatures around 118 degrees...like walking through Death Valley in mid-summer.


5.  (13) Pinkish floral hexes = these are enchanted lands that can cast spells upon the adventure group...clear skies and sunshine during the daytime hours.


6.  (13) Dark grey hexes = these are the Mountains of Sorrow...very rugged and barren...heights reaching to the skies...extremely dangerous footing and climbing...clear skies and sunshine during the daylight hours...sub-freezing temperatures during the night.


7.  (5) Water hexes = these offer safe camp sites for the adventure group (no creature attacks during the night).


8.  (2) Cottage hexes = these 2 cottages offer the adventure group the ability to re-supply (items that they have used up during game play)...also offer food, rest and friendship to those in need.


9.  (1) Castle in the Sky hex = this is the end objective of the adventure.


I hope that I have been able to set the visual scene(s) of the varied areas of the game map for you to understand.


...to be continued...





















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The God of Play (the GM) has summoned 10 special characters from the 4 corners of the realm to undertake a mission/quest to save the land of (Earth) Terra; which is slowly dying from/in the clutches of the evil coming forth from the unchecked chaos of Oblivion.


The adventure group is to enter Oblivion and find 9 sacred items, 2 special keys and a great seal. These items are scattered throughout Oblivion and must be found and gathered together and placed on an alter (in the right/proper sequence/order) in the Castle of the Clouds to unleash the cleansing ray that will destroy the elements and forces of chaos that currently reside in Oblivion.


The adventure group starts game play as Novice level...during game play they will advance to Veteran level...and hopefully to final Expert level. The characters gain powers and abilities with each level.


Levels are gained by (number of kills recorded) by each character (not by the group as a whole)!


Note...I do not use alignments in my games!


The below photo shows the Oblivion Gate that the adventure group will pass through to get from Terra to Oblivion!


...to be continued...



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