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They come. They breed.
They rape the land. Steal its magic.
The glaciers are moving. The world is growing colder. The sun is growing dim.
They don't see it. But we do. As do the rest of the Elder Races. The Naiads, deep in the water. The Centaurs deep in their forests. The Trolls, in their caves. The
Giants, high in their mountains. The Kobolds of the deserts, and the Goblins of the swamps. The Dwarves and Elves are retreating, leaving this world. We cannot, for we have no powerful magics. We are Orcs! We will stand and we will fight, when no others will. Others will come, as long as we are at the forefront. They must, for if this
world perishes, we all perish.
For many generations, our tribe has been kept as a standing army by a half-Naiad sorceress. She is vile, but we serve her because she works to save the world from the humans. We are branded as slaves, but she cannot hold us, should we choose to leave. We are Orcs!
Her plans are nearing completion, and we are her most formidable warband. We strike at the heart of a human settlement tonight to obtain an artifact. She tells us it looks like a star with three points, and that she must have it. It is vital to her success. We must succeed, our lives, our kin, our world, everything we hold dear is at stake. We will succeed, for we are Orcs! None can stand in our way!


Orcs! is a fantasy campaign using the Guardians of Order BESM: The Slayers d20 mechanics. It is intended for up to 10 players at a time, and if there are more, they will wait in the queue. The link (at the top) is to a folder in my Google Drive which contains all the pertinent information for the game. It is intended as a dramatic comdey, and can vary wildly from one extreme to the other. I will warn you in advance that I...borrow...liberally from Stan Nicholls Orcs: First Blood and Orcs: Bad Blood. They were, in fact, the sole sources of inspiration for the campaign. (So, if you've read them, no spoilers, please.) Yes, the campaign and the book start off the same, but where the campaign goes from there is entirely up to the players.

The game will start once I have a minimum of 6 active players. I would prefer a full warband of 10, so spread the word.

I will also be running this game live (once I get home), and may keep journals from both groups to share with each other at the end.

Each character will need a voice color, and your full character history and character questionnaire will be public knowledge.


Active Characters
  • Auberon
  • redambrosia
  • fishnjeeps
  • Spike
  • Arc724
  • TGP
Queued Characters
Any questions may be asked openly here, or privately via PM.

Good hunting, warrior!
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The strength attack modifier is your strength bonus. There's a table near the front of the PHB, if you don't know what your abillity score bonuses are. Orcs are medium, so no size modifier. (It's the

[ color=#ff0000 ]This is red.[ /color ] This is red. At least it is without the extra spaces.

Well, you're in charge now, and if things go wrong, you're the one that gets executed. Basically, that's it.

I've heard of BESM, but never played it.  Didn't the original publisher go out of business?


Honestly, I don't know. I've only ever seen one hard copy of The Slayers d20, and that was nearly a decade ago. You can still get some of the BESM books on DTRPG, but not all of them (and definitely not The Slayers d20).

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OK, I'll start an actual character post.




1. Name something your character does not want to lose.
    The ancestral totem carried by the firstborn.

2. Name something your character would die for.
    Ridding the world of humans.

3. Name something your character would kill for.
    To rid the world of humans.

4. What is your character's favorite color?
    Red, of the fresh human blood variety.

5. What is your character's favorite food?
    Curried quail eggs.

6. What is your character's most important current goal?
    Ridding the world of humans obviously.

7. Who is your character's best friend?
    Yrn Anvilsplitter, up and coming blacksmith.

8. What is the secret your character does not want others to discover?
    He thinks the tribe's shamaness is totally a ****.  OK, we'll redact that term and say she's hot.  Unfortunately, he's heard that she's not good with curry.

9. Describe your character's perfect mate.
    Dark olive skin, long black hair, and an expert at cooking with curry.

10. How can I hurt your character?
    Sharp pointy things tend to be effective.

11. How will your character die?
    In bed with a beautiful* woman at the age of 108**, shot dead by a jealous husband.  Maintained his legendary endurance and vigor and all that.

*Whatever passes for orcy beauty.
**Don't actually know how long your orcs live, so really old.


EDIT: I just rolled six twos in a row.  6 2s.  According to my math, my odds of ever doing that again are 1 in 46656.  So my my possible combinations for Dex are 2+2+2 or 2+2+2 or 2+2+2 or... Maybe I should play a rogue.


I've made a mediocre caster, at least until he can specialize in a type of magic.

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I will admit to thinking it was underlined for dramatic effect and not waving my mouse over it :lol:
My colour will be red, because ^_^ (also, how do you manually do the text colour tags? I can't use the dern button at work >.<). I have a name for her, but I left it at home. I also can't roll stats right now because... my dice are at home lol. But I'll edit this post with all that when I get up in the afternoon. ^_^




1) Name something your character does not want to lose. Aside from the obvious, tribe/land/home, her axes are very nice and she'd be quite upset is she lost them.


2) Name something your character would die for. She would die to protect her tribe, her war-band, and most importantly, the land itself.


3) Name something your character would kill for. To rid the world of the human-cancer!


4) What! is your character's favorite colour? Dark blue, like the night sky.


5) What! is your character's favorite food? Boar, roasted with mangos, nomnom!


6) What is your character's most important current goal? The eradication of the humans


7) Who is your character's best friend? Umm.... one of the other Orcs!? >.>


8) What is the secret your character does not want others to discover? So, on a previous raid she found something pretty and frilly; she liked it and took it, and wears it sometimes when no one is looking. She hopes :unsure:


9) Describe your character's perfect mate. Well, he'd obviously have to be able to beat her in combat. And being loyal to the tribe is very important as well. And a good hunter. And hot. Definitely hot. :;):


10) How can I hurt your character? By destroying her tribe and her home.


11) How will your character die? Fighting to the last death! Preferably with a pile of dead humans beneath her as her tribe is saved from certain doom, while the rest of the humans perish in fire and blood! Rawr! :grr:

Edited by redambrosia
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There! it finally worked! I think I tried to edit that five times before the color changed took... worse than dying my hair! :rolleyes:


Anyway, I didn't get the stuff done, because Real Life stuff interfered with Fun Stuff last night <_< I will try again this afternoon. Sorry -_-

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I read both books a few years ago and am totally intrigued. I'll have a look at the game system info tomorrow.

(Kinda had to double-take when my eyes saw "Orcs (BESM) but my mind saw "Orcs (BDSM)" ;)  I was half tempted to call you out on bait-and-switch. :D

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