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Oh, and just so everyone is tracking: defense bonus does not stack with armor.

Not sure what this means. Is defense bonus something a character would have -?- because dexterity is high?

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It's described on pg100 of the rules.  Each class has a base defense bonus listed in their write-up.  For example, a 5th level bandit has a defense bonus of +5.  He can run around without armor and get that bonus or he could wear some leather armor and get its bonus, but not both.  Some classes such as Master-at-Arms have a class feature that lets them retain some portion of their defense bonus even while armored.

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Okay, something that I neglected to mention: Encumbrance. I'm going for a slightly fantastical encumbrance system: If it fits, it ships. (In other words, if I think you're carrying too much, I'll tell you that you're slowed down by all your gear. If I don't tell you that, you don't have to worry about encumbrance.)

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Atsumar Cato

After his apprenticeship in the Bounty Hunters guild Atsumar graduated and is out on his own. Building his business in the local area he was offered a task that all members are offered; and impossible task that if accomplished grants you admission into the trails to be the chieftain of the guild.


1. Name something your character does not want to lose.

                His scimitar of Inquist Given to him by his mentor

2. Name something your character would die for.

                Admission into the trails

3. Name something your character would kill for.

                The Shield that matches the sword that has been long lost.

4. What is your character's favorite color?


5. What is your character's favorite food?

                Bacon wrapped Turkey leg, glazed in rum

6. What is your character's most important current goal?

                To find the Shield so that he may return home and enter the trails.

7. Who is your character's best friend?

                The Ghost of his brother that still speaks to him.

8. What is the secret your character does not want others to discover?

                That he speaks to his brother’s ghostly form.

9. Describe your character's perfect mate.

                A Warrioress in the Fighters Guild.

10. How can I hurt your character?

                It’s only a flesh wound.

11. How will your character die?

                Along side his mate, with Shield in hand, holding a pass so the enemy may not follow.


STR 16 + 2

DEX 14

CON 12 + 2



CHA 16


Backpack, bedroll, torches, Flint & Steel, rope, Grapple hook, pitons, Jerky'ed meat, Small sack with equipment to make more bolts, Sharpening Stone and Oil, Leather & fur wrapped Canteen. Hunting Knife for skinning, 2 changes of cloths.


This like what I would like to look out after being VERY seasoned. Not now. :)


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The strength attack modifier is your strength bonus. There's a table near the front of the PHB, if you don't know what your abillity score bonuses are. Orcs are medium, so no size modifier. (It's the base size with a -1 for every size larger, and a +1 for every size smaller than medium you go.)

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I rolled a DnD 5e character for the first time on Sunday. Took forever but I am understanding the basics better. RE-filling out the sheet to look cleaning and make corrections. I will send you a new one shortly.

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