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77310: Water Weird


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Here we have my finished 77310: Water Weird. 


post-9284-0-74951800-1428128141.jpg post-9284-0-00751300-1428128155.jpg


The plinth was worked up from a base of Peacock Green to Pure White through a succession of glazes - I was playing around with how high I could take it and have it read as stained marble.  The 'gems' I left translucent and coated with Tamiya Clear Blue.  The runes were picked out in Vallejo Model Air Silver, then tarnished with Black Ink.

The water weird itself is three different 'strengths' of Taimiya Clear Blue.  The base coat was diluted 2:1 with Tamiya Thinner.  I then hit the crevices on the figure with a 1:1 dilution, and finished off the face with undiluted Tamiya Clear Blue.  I really like the variation in tone this gives the figure - it's much more subtle than just throwing undiluted Tamiya Clear paint on the figure, and reads a lot more like water to me than say the ice wall or crystal golem I've done previously.  The 'crest' was worked up through LED Blue to Pure White, with a Black Wash to define it.  I also tidied up a few 'whoopsies' with the 2:1 dilution of Tamiya Clear Blue.  The teeth are Pure White again, with Black Wash to define, and the eyes are Pure White worked up to Clear Yellow.


I also tried underlighting it with a LED light source to see how it'd potentially look if I mounted one permanently.




It's not too bad - the Peacock Green base coat on the plinth comes through a little, and looks kinda eldritch.  This, however, is closer to how it looks in person when underlit




I think I should have tried to work the runes up from a blue to the silver, perhaps as if lit from the gem above them.  But still, quite pleased with how this turned out.

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I think this is the one translucent blue mini I regret not getting, yours looks absolutely stunning.

i have to agree, I didn't get the translucent blue figures either. I still haven't done anything with the green ones from Bones 1.


You've done an outstanding job on yours, though.

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That is great! I love the white to green effect when lit. I didn't get these either because of my not being able to figure out anything to do with the green or red ones. I may have to try and fix this.


Really great job on this transparent and translucent minis are my current bane.

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The first thing I need to do is to put more defintion around the left eye.  It doesn't look half as good as the right.  And what I'm considering doing is buying a second copy of the figure, removing the weird, and painting it up as a generic well with the a much more grey/green tone.  That way I can have an innocent looking piece of scenary that is anything but  : )

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