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02476 : Lorna the Huntress

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    • By CoolAliasHere
      This is the second time I have painted this particular model, and I really like how she came out this time.  The original concept was of a huntress (druid like) living on the tundra with her wolf companion.  She would be using endure elements as part of her morning ritual, and lived very simply.  The base was originally going be a tundra style with some bits of snow, but I adjusted it slightly.  I see her more from the southern steppes, from a place called the Crimson Plains.  Its name comes from a blood battle that last fifteen straight days, and permanently stained the ground a reddish tint.  As always, C&C is welcomed.

    • By Jaws
      I wanted to share this mini. It's among my top ten favorite miniatures that I have gotten. Just so morbid and horrible. In the style of the Braindead movie. :)
      Linked offsite due to a nipple showing. 
      See it here.
    • By Adrift
      So here is my first ever attempt as Sky/Earth (aka Horizon) NMM. I feel like my everyday NMM is strong enough that I really wanted to stretch myself...and did this ever stretch my abilities. At this point I feel like regular NMM is child's play compared to what I attempted to do here. I have mixed feelings on the results depending upon my mood.
      I attempted the technique on her right bracer (front/back), the small metal disc at her waist, and her sword blade. I think the sword blade might have been too ambitious given I've never tackled this before, and the angle at with the blade lies toward the horizon in every direction. I also feel like I didn't "grey down" the 'earth' on her bracer and that it has the propensity to blend in with the leather of the bracer itself. Had I been a little less focused on my frustration, I should have changed the color of the leather of the bracer to offset.
      It will be a while before I try this again.
      There is a slight flaw with the miniature on her left leg as there appears to be some faint dimpling of the metal. I treated this problem, but as I was painting realized that I hadn't treated it enough.
      Her mouth is quite awkward. I should have painted her lower lip a little less full (width wise), b/c I feel like she has the propensity to be a trouty mouth.
      In general, I'm very frustrated right now and just want to break all my brushes in half.

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