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03299: Eskin, OSL Challenge


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So, this is my entry for the "You're such a character" Challenge. I went for split lighting.. I haven't done much with lighting techniques, so this was interesting. Not the best thing I've ever painted, but I was going for a minimalist approach to his clothes/surroundings so I could focus on the lighting.

Anyways, here he is!


 Please hit me with your C&C. I'm up for tips and tricks on this particular technique!

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I like the idea, love the mini.


OSL is lacking strength; you need much lighter values on the light sources (the torch), it needs to be almost white, and you need to avoid such light values on the figure if possible. 


Reflected light on the piece needs more saturation; it has always worked nice for me to define the main "reflections" as a saturation contrast (in your case, red or orange) and then blend it out / fade it. I am talking about saturation, no light levels; a dark and a mid saturated red would make wonders in those reflections!


The lights on the leg / head look odd, especially since the hand has no light. 

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Thanks! I definitely need to work on lighting techniques. Moar youtube is required. 


I used orange so that it wouldn't be yellow, but I should have used red instead?

I will work on that!


From my own observation (so YMMV of course), using high-saturation reds in thin layers to up reflections give us humans the idea of fire, flame, a torch. Orange is usually too similar to skin, and yellow is more related to the sun.


For example, in your hand, using orange would be lost. As a quick fix on this mini, for you to check if the principle holds, I would:


- Go to white on the base of the torch, blending through yellow, orange and dark brown at the very tip;

- Use highly saturated oranges and reds to paint the side of the stick facing the torch, and touch up the coils of the thing holding it up. Be agressive! You can always blend back! 

- Remove the reflection below the calf, blend it into the black, and use more red (less orange) on the leg. When you fade the orange to black, use the saturated red there as a "mid step".


I am not an expert, but check my little OSL on this piece (should and chest)




I could go lighter on those gems (I did not want to make them like bright LED lights, but I should've actually made them almost pure white with a ring of color), but on the little OSL reflection, if you see I used a pale but very light blue on the "closest" reflection, the brighter portion, then built some medium, very saturated blue, then used a dark saturated blue to blend towards black. 


I think it works  :blush:


Some other people here are more skilled with flame-OSL, or OSL period, so they will surely chime in, but the moment I realised going from Light Desaturated -> High Saturation -> Blend to Dark had nice results, it was a breakthrough!


And... be more aggressive. Shade more, highlight more, try more! Fortune favours the bold  :blues:


Edit: talking about this and seeing my own image again gave me an idea to improve on my OSL, especially on that shoulder piece. Thanks!!

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