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We are live! Thank you so much Reaper Miniatures for helping us launch during ReaperCon 2015 and all your support!


We were able to sell all of the early birds in the first 3 hours! We are going to offer up another set of packages people can get in on.


We have a few items were going to ad for stretch goals and things. constantly being updated!




Well, we're giving it our all. We hope to have our kickstarter launched by ReaperCon.


While we would love to be able to sell things to people all the time, we just need better tools to do it.


So, we're reaching out to the public.


I will be posting a link to preview our kickstarter page as it becomes closer to the launch and items become finalized.


For the momentl keep an eye on our facebook page for updates an pretty pictures.


I am happy to answer any questions I can here, but in respect t the rules, please lets not to any business here.


Reaper Miniatures has been very nice to us, and we would like to respect their home, as any guest should.


I will post up the most recent shot of out latest configuration, showing off some of the advances that we have made to the system since our announcement to be at ReaperCon.


Please come by the booth to see our products, meet us, and hopefully support our mission!


Thank you all so much for your time! See you at ReaperCon!



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Much appreciated! Right now the plans are to add some expansion modules within the basic system set.


My goal, is to bring something to the world that is wholly useable and tailerable to each user.


I paint. I want to support painter's. It's really just that simple. :)

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You have no idea how badly I need to buy a paint rack. 100% Interested, can't wait to see it go live! 


There she goes again, talking about racks ....


But I am looking forward to seeing them first hand.  I need something to organize.  But more importantly keep them safe from the cat knocking things off the table ....

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women with huge.... tracts of land are of no short supply in my household. :) Happily married for 12 years to such an endowed woman as well.

That being said, I can tell you that dropper bottles are in no fear of getting knocked off. BUT, don't take my word for it you'll see it.

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That being said, I can tell you that dropper bottles are in no fear of getting knocked off. BUT, don't take my word for it you'll see it.


I've watched my cat pull a single Q-Tip out of the container though to play with it  ....  just saying!

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That being said, I can tell you that dropper bottles are in no fear of getting knocked off. BUT, don't take my word for it you'll see it.


I've watched my cat pull a single Q-Tip out of the container though to play with it  ....  just saying!



Ah. well, I don't sell tasers, but I could rig up something using an elecricy fly swatter I suppose.

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Nice looking paint rack. So I know you're worried about the commerce rule and such but one thing that's allowed is linking to your facebook page, posting images of your upcoming KSer as well as talking about what you have planed and general feedback.


I for one would love an acrylic\metal paint rack. Seen them before but none of the producers are US based. MDF is just really to boring and unfinished for my tastes. Maybe offering staining or something similar as like the functionality of what you've shown in the first post but the plainness of it puts me off despite the usefulness of it.

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I was looking at your web store, and I noticed shipping is only to the US. Will you be adding international shipping options to the kickstarter?


I assume in particular other North American countries like Canada as they have the same choices as us here in the States for paint organizing racks and drawers.

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