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In case anyone wants to see what these look like all stained up and organized!      

=========================================================================== https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/820434932/tgj-hobbies-hobby-and-craft-system/description ============================

Ah. well, I don't sell tasers, but I could rig up something using an elecricy fly swatter I suppose.

Ugh. Moving sucks. We just got some stuff done in the new space, still no internet.


Last 4 orders are ready to ship. Getting those out Monday, then it's sending out letters to our backers to gather order info.

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What happened seems self explanatory from the update - and who did what to get hurt the company. And my mentality is "grab your torch and pitchfork"


My only problem with this is we've only heard one side of things.  So I'm not going to point fingers or anything here.


Hopefully all the parties involved step up and fulfill the KS and then go their separate ways if that is the way it needs to be.

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Hi everyone.

Tim here.

I cannot say much. but I can shed a light on a few things.

I am the member that is parting ways. I was asked to step down and leave in September.


I cannot, for obvious reasons, go into vivid detail about whats going on.


I realize my word means little, to anyone at this point., but I must tell you that I have NO intention of leaving anyone behind.

As is stands, I have no access to any company information, no email, no phone, no bank records, nothing. So if you ask me for details, I regretfully will not be able to provide them.


I am posting, because above all else, you deserve to know. Since the ice was broken, I can at least voice, saying I have not forgotten.


Please email me if you have any questions, though as I said, I cannot provide specifics on certain details.


I do not agree with the so called update that was posted, nor do I have any input as to what was said.


At this point, I can only ask for forgiveness of the community for myself and the members of TGJ Hobbies.


I would LOVE to change my handle, but as it stands, I cannot.

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It's...not good news. :(


--OneBoot :)


No, and makes me wonder what happened.  I know I enjoyed talking with them at ReaperCon and after wards.



Wow.  That explains why communication went silent after ReaperCon.  I was talking to them about helping with logistics and production for their Canadian supporters since I own a logistics company and have an 80 Watt CO2 laser.  They were really gung ho at the start but everything died down very quickly - Even before we go to negotiating prices.


Now I have to look into designing my own stands for my paint and brushes.

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What happened seems self explanatory from the update - and who did what to get hurt the company. And my mentality is "grab your torch and pitchfork"


I want to respond to this.


In September, the team decided they wanted me to leave. They sent me a packet of charges on our bank account they didn't agree with.


Included in that list, was the bank statement that showed all charges they were disputing from the date the kickstarter funds were deposited.


The TOTAL amount of money "grossly misused" was $342.80. $86.80 was food, $185 was day-care, and $71 was fuel for my truck.

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Since there's more going on than we, the backers, can be made aware of, I am going to refrain from voicing any personal opinions, other than to say that I am very sorry about what happened, and I am deeply disappointed that TGJ Hobbies will cease to exist. I had been extremely excited about their product ever since I discovered it, since it was EXACTLY what I've been looking for in a paint storage system, and I was eagerly anticipating ordering many, many paint racks from them in the future. I am very sad that I will now not be able to do so.


I am holding out hope that I will still get the fantastic paint racks I'd pledged for, but if I don't, I'll chalk it up as a very expensive reminder that Kickstarter is a way to help a product get made, not a pre-ordering system.


I wish TGJ Hobbies the best of luck in getting everything figured out in the coming months, and I shall continue to support the company for as long as possible.


--OneBoot :)

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