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Bones Satisfaction?

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For mold lines I've used a small, low-powered dremel.

Sounds like a really fast fix. As an alternative, the Alpha Abrasives sanding needles (designed for plastic) work really well. I think they sell direct on amazon if you can't find them locally. The blue medium grit and the white fine grit are the most useful needles.


I've been following this discussion with particular interest as I would like to find an easier way to remove mold lines. I wonder if those of you who have used the sanding needles, could you please find out what grit (or what grit range) seems to work the best. I went and looked for "blue medium grit and white fine grit" and wasn't able to get a definitive conclusion that I was looking at the right product. What grit number is medium and fine (even an approximation would be helpful)?



I have both 150 grit and 240 grit, I use it like normal sanding of wood: Start out with the lower grit to remove the harder mold lines very gently and then smooth it out with the 240 grit. 320 is also available, but I don't have any of those as the 240 seem to do the job. 


Here's what they look like:

150/240/320 grits



 A picture is indeed worth a thousand words!

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But are all the sticks just plastic with grit glued on? 


Yes, they work just fine too. I can use them for quite a few miniature before the grit wears off. Then I use the sticks themselves as bits and to mix things when they are done with being able to sand with. Like I made a tiefling conversion by clipping off the tips of two sticks to use as horns. Last night I was using an old one to mix a green gore of tacky glue and green paint.

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