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Burrows and Badgers by Oathsworn Miniatures


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The pic doesn't do justice to the eye-scrubbing necessary when viewing the six-teated ratwoman (upper center), but, yeah, two was the better choice... :lol:




Eye scrubbing required, maybe, but I will have to admit it's a very creative interpretation and much more feral/animalistic than what people depict Rat'people' as because obviously that one is a girl ;p

I also happen to have this set and the fat "PackRat" was an amusing (or annoying) one to paint.

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Got the ferret finished - the 'how to' is here:






I also got number 2 fox done...:




And Jo the Apprentice Sculptor (she prefers 'Wife' :rolleyes: ) has completed the terrain set... we used it in a play-test, then added it to the KS;





Anyway, 48 hours to go! Sleep is in sight at last!  :bday:




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I thought I was going to be able to talk myself into waiting for retail, and then I found out I needed that camping terrain.



It's, intense... Hahaha. Ok that was a lame overly done pun. :down:


You were the first person to pledge for just the terrain - so Jo did a happy dance, because that means you like her stuff better than mine! ^_^

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