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Burrows and Badgers by Oathsworn Miniatures

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I got my terrain this morning in Canada. It is fantastic stuff! It looks great, and is very versatile.


Obviously it can call be used as intended, as a huge campsite. I am starting a new campaign, using the Princes of the Apocalypse module, a sandbox adventure which involves a lot of overland travel. This terrain has already inspired me to make semi-permanent campsites a regular way-stop along roads and game trails. It never occurred to me before to do this in a game setting. Usually in our D&D games, the most survival oriented player would pick a spot when the sun was going down and that was the camp site. But I love the idea of having a series of semi-permanent sites, with a well, fire pit and log pile, and maybe even an axe and stew pot stashed carefully under some logs. Perhaps originally there were hunting lodges as well at these locations, until bands of marauding humanoids destroyed them over the years. This would explain the regular occurrence of broken wall sections near the camps.


But otherwise, the log pile and well can be used near any farm or homestead. The tents can be used anywhere, and as others have said, I'd also like several of them. A half dozen of the big tents in a row would make a great edge of an enemy army encampment. And a couple pots of stew beside them would complete the scene. The tile of gear wouldn't look out of place in a treasure hoard or an armory. The wall pieces could fit in any ruined sections of an adventure, and it will also make great terrain for tabletop skirmishes.


I'm sure there are lots of other things they could be used for, but I'm too caught up in thinking about the adventure I'm starting Monday. I'll have to get a few of them painted over the weekend, and I have been working out details, trying to decide which group or groups originally put the camps together. Digging all those wells would have been quite the undertaking, and they were probably well maintained for decades. I'm wondering if they are still ever maintained. If they are, is it the same group as those who installed them in the first place? Will the adventurers give as good as they get, and occasionally do repairs and replace stores? Or will they use and abuse these conveniently placed way stations? If they neglect the camps, fail to replenish firewood, skip a fair share of chopping duties, will there be repercussions? What form will they take? Will a grumpy old ranger show up and kick them out of the camps? Will a druid vex them with storms every time they camp until they show proper respect? Will they run into other groups of adventurers, or groups of wandering monsters wanting to use the same camps? Will they share and share alike if a trio of tired and hungry ogres comes sniffing around their campsites?


It's funny how something like this can really spark creativity. The possibilities seem endless. And what great timing. This is going to be fun!

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I think we can all agree that miniatures are largely inconsequential now, and that Queen Jo now reigns supreme on her resin throne.


There is a chance for Dave to redeem himself though, but only one. He must immediately sculpt a warband of wood elves to my exact description, let's hope it all works out.

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Canada Post hates me, still not no awesome scenery (oh, and some figs... ::P: ).


Funny, since robinh got his yesterday, and lives about a 20 minute drive from me.

Don't complain n too much I'm in the us and I haven't seen mine either. Personally I think the postmaster just likes to play with them first...

The lady at the Post Office was very random with her delivery estimate - 'might by 4 days, might be a month' followed by a shrug. So I guess they will arrive, but the mail service is no longer willing to commit to any kind of delivery schedule. They still put the prices up though... 


They are amazing.

And it's all your fault!  :;):


I got my terrain this morning in Canada. It is fantastic stuff! It looks great, and is very versatile......( lots of stuff).....It's funny how something like this can really spark creativity. The possibilities seem endless. And what great timing. This is going to be fun!

Seriously dude, it's just some resin. Now, those lovely pewter figures, on the other hand... Oh, all right, she did a great job on the terrain! Happy now?  ^_^


I think we can all agree that miniatures are largely inconsequential now, and that Queen Jo now reigns supreme on her resin throne.


There is a chance for Dave to redeem himself though, but only one. He must immediately sculpt a warband of wood elves to my exact description, let's hope it all works out.

But that will mean slaying Lord Meier and absorbing his powers, and to be honest, I don't think he'll let me. Apparently he can spot a poisoned Wax 5 from a hundred paces...

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Got mine yesterday and they are pretty awesome!  The resin pieces are too perfect for words, but after the McFiggin resin set, I would expect no less.


However, the critters are also terrific!  they are a very nice blend of anthropomorphic humanoid and the base critter and they have so much personality.  Wonderful job, especially the badger.  He is one tough critter!   


Great job and I really look forward to more of your work!


Any chance we can get a kangaroo with big teeth?  just askin....



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 I got my minis the other day - one bad-***-looking hare, one mole-in-a-hole and one dead-mouse-in-a-stone-box... ::D:


Now I'm even sadder than I was before about not being able to go all-in on this one. :down:



I'm not really a 'spikez'n'skullz' guy to be honest... I'll have to give it some thought. Thinking Hollywood though, I could do a wildcat version of the Kurgan from Highlander... that could be cool.

I was even looking for excuses to do a zombie badger the other day... couldn't think of one though!  :zombie:


 You could always do the zombie badger as an add-on for the next KS... I know I'd buy one.

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I finished painting my tents, along with some Reaper animals. They look even better painted, even by someone with my lack of talent:




Squeeeel! Doing a little jig around my desk!  ::D: These are first of my terrain pieces to be painted!!!


You've done a great job, they look so cool. I hope you have loads of fun gaming with them  ::D:.  

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See, I figured the tents just begged to be painted "drab olive" :lol: that was my plan  ^_^

Well, I did use Olive Green and Muddy Olive for the mossy grass on the base and side of the tent.

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