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Burrows and Badgers by Oathsworn Miniatures


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Thanks for all the support everyone! I think there's more backers from here than any other forum. But then, I didn't post pics of the sculpts to any other forums until today, so that's probably my fault...  :blush:



I love the names you gave them Michael ^_^

I took ages! It was much harder making up names than it was sculpting them. :blink:




and me

Oh dear - Beagle's backed... now I feel like something terrible has to go wrong with the fulfillment!  :;):




And there's the flood of emails I was expecting from all the previous Oathsworn kickstarters.....

Aah, yeah - sorry about that! I do feel really awkward clicking 'Post Update' 5 times...  


Anyway, back to sculpting - wildcat, toad and lizard next. Although right now they look a little bit brass-wiry, and not very green...

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