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Glitterwolf 03567: Familiar Pack X, FREEBOOTER VAMPIRE, SERVANT


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Here is the Vampire Queen herself.

She has a Magic Sword guarded by her Crow familiar.

Her faithful undead servant lights the way.


I tried a bit of OSL on the servant, my first try.

I don't think it worked out that well, but you gotta try right?


The familiar and sword are from Reaper, pack X.

The Vampire and Servant are from the Freebooter range, sculpted by Werner Klocke.


Sorry about the quality of some pics, still struggling with the camera.









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You can clearly see it's the light from the candle, so it's a success in my book. My last attempt at OSL sits on my shelf. I did not dare to post it. It was that bad. 

They could use a thin wash/light drybrush for some detail, though. :) 


The thick paints on the servant makes it look like he's splattered the candle wax all over himself. It's a quite nice effect. I like it.

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