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I use the Liquitex Varnishes and their matte medium.

Wait, so do you:


a) Use the matte medium as matte varnish?

b) Use the matte medium as matte medium?

c) Use the matte vanish as matte varnish?

d) None of the above?


Because as mentioned before, medium and varnish are two very different things.

I use the matte medium as mixing medium, and the matte varnish as varnish over the top of the gloss varnish. It's what they're for, right?
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Why not spray some Dullcoat into a dropper bottle for indoor winter use?


Just a guess here since I'm only marginally familiar with the product, but things in spray cans tend to have highly volatile solvents.

Chances are that if you spray the product into a bottle any solvent will have boiled away before a few hours have passed, no matter how tightly sealed, leaving a sticky mess.

Oh yes, the sticky mess. Anyone know if dullcote solvent interacts badly with dropper bottle plastic?


Actually scale modelers do this all the time (raises hand!! ::): ). It's mainly for shooting the color in a airbrush (pre-thinned!!).


What you want to do is take a small bottle, like a 1 oz glas bottle from Paasche or other airbrush makers, wrap some plastic wrap with a rubber band on the opening, poke a small hole in the top. Poke the opening of the nozzle into the bottle & shoot short bursts. Some people take straws (this is where Tamiya cans rock for paint transfering, as they have that little nipple on the end) & glue it to the nozzle. After you've sprayed take the plastic wrap off, let it de-gas, doesn't take long actually, about 20-30 mins. Once your done you've got pre-thinned spray can paint.


Like any other paint it does break down but those airbrush bottles have a seal on the cap which pro-longs the decay.


Testor's dullcoat lacquer is a inert lacquer but I think the solvents would destroy a plastic bottle after awhile but who knows I've never put it in a dropper just glass bottles as the paint usually gets sucked up by my airbrush.


I've also seen & read where you can take a spray can turn it upside down & spray till you get clear (actually this is useful for cleaning the nozzle out). This is the solvent coming out. You spray it till the can goes "empty". Next you take a sharp object & poke the bottom of the can & then pour the contents out. I've never done this cause well you know spray cans & sharp pointy objects....uhh no. Still it's a option.

Good point Pingo. Whenever I have done something like this I have discharged the aerosol in small glass jars as Haldir mentions.



Why not spray some Dullcoat into a dropper bottle for indoor winter use?



Far be it from me to ruin anyone's fun, but it would probably be easier just to buy the brush-on Dullcote.



I had not noticed that as an option. I will need to take a look the next time I am in the hobby train store.

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