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Repainted prepaints (Mage Knight, DDM)


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Nicely done! I hadn't seen that Nothic before; it's pretty spiffy!

Thank you, I don't know anything about the critter it represents, but I thought it'd be fun to (re)paint.


May I ask which paint you used on the ghost? Turned out nice. I can't decide if I want blue, green or grey/black ghosts..  :P

Thank you.

After priming it white, I used Vallejo game ink green 72089on it. When that dried I mixed some of that with some generic craft store white paint and used it in successive layers until it looked ok, then I used straight white for a final drybrush. I hope that helps.


Don't decide, do some of each. :upside:

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Nicely done !

Wow, I love the subtle color transition you did.

Dude, you have some serious patience !

Would love to see what you do with brighter colors !

Thank you!

I usually have multiple projects going at once, that way I can work on one while another is drying, or work on one when I get get stuck/need a break form another. It takes longer, but I tend to get more done that way instead of just getting tired of a project and not doing anything else.


I like your green version of a Nothic. (Nothics are wizards who were consumed by power, this distorted them and changed them to whatever they are now.)


So Nothics are a representation of the saying 'power corrupts'. Cool.

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