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Knot Dice: Celtic Knot Games, Puzzles, and Art


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Gorgeous, but I wouldn't have a use for them

About this project

These are Knot Dice - they are games, puzzles, and artistic inspiration. They are a way to get everyone making Celtic knots. They're not just for monks.

The paths on each die are continuous over all of the faces. By connecting several dice side by side, you form intricate Celtic knot designs. Knot Dice combine some of the best elements of dice and tiles in six games and six puzzles in the printed rulebook.


Hello! My name is Matthew O'Malley from Black Oak Games, and I'm a tabletop game designer (Between Two Cities with Ben Rosset, Diner, and The Princess Bride: A Battle of Wits). I've been designing games for years, and I've participated in several Kickstarter campaigns, but Knot Dice is my first campaign in the driver's seat.

I have been working on (and playing with) these dice for years. They've gone with me to Gen Con, Unpub, Metatopia, BGG Con, and more, and I have finally found a way to manufacture them so that I can get them out into the world.



Knot Dice are larger-than-usual dice, molded of a forest green pearlized acrylic with debossed (indented) silver lines. The designs are continuous around the entire die.


They are 20mm square, about 3/4 of an inch, much larger than a standard 16mm die (nearly twice as much material). The larger dice make for much more attractive designs, and allow them to be stacked easily as well. They have a nice weight to them, and roll well on any surface.

fea5e4f0cf07849a1ff30b052afbb637_originaEvery die has these six faces

One face has lines extending off one edge (an end, or "A"), three faces have lines extending off two edges (a chain, "I", and two corners, "L" and "J"), one face has lines extending off three edges (a side, or "T"), and one face has lines extending off four edges (a center, or "X").



One box of Knot Dice contains:

  • 18 Knot Dice (20mm dice). You can make solid Celtic knot designs up to 3x6 or 4x4, or two 3x3 designs, and play all of the included games and puzzles.
  • Rules to six games (described below under Games).
  • Rules to six different types of puzzles (described below under Puzzles), with several puzzles of each type.
  • 4 wooden discs (16mm x 4mm, one each in black, white, blue, and yellow), sometimes used to track scores, sometimes used as playing pieces. A scoring track and a grid for use in some of the games and puzzles are printed in the rulebook.

As more games and puzzles are designed (by me and other game designers), they will be available on the web. I'm hoping to be able to add even more games and puzzles to the printed rulebook if we can reach some stretch goals.

The box itself can hold up to 36 dice if the insert is removed, so you can combine several boxes or add dice to create much larger designs and increase some games' player count.

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