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Verocithrax Metal Tree Issues

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I've been fiddling with my Verocithrax as of recent.  His base was extremely warped so I had to fix that and make it nice and flat, but now I'm trying to pre place the tree in the notch and it's difficult getting it under the tail properly, and when I do it's all crooked and the base is being forced to warp again.  I'm trying to make sure the tree isn't being bent, I don't want to accidentally break it.

Am I doing something wrong, is anyone else having these same problems?

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Disclaimer: I didn't get him. I wish I had though...


That being said, I'm just looking at the online picture of him. Is your little metal tree is the correct place? It's hard to tell, because there's only two pictures on the online store, and neither those views match your views, but maybe your tree is slightly out of place?


Based on the online picture, it seems like the base of your tree might be sticking out a little bit more along that bottom left edge (on your bottom picture). Maybe. I'm not sure.

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I really dislike the tree as a solution to Verocithrax's structural stability problems.  I've started looking at ways I can reinforce the figure's legs (internally) with steel wire.  It'll take some engineering, but I like a challenge . . .


The Egg

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Lets make this the Verocithrax thread!


So Im wondering if anyone else is finding his right wing droopy?  His left wing stands up rather tall and straight but his right seems to sag.  It feels like the plastic is slightly bendier.  Anyone else noticing this?  I am wondering if i should pin it to give it more rigidity?  It would need something like a good 1 inch pin to provide the proper support i think.  I've never pinned anything before so I'm a little reluctant to try on this model which I really like. 

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