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Zombicide: Black Plague


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I expected more paid add ons. Have they suggested they are coming?


Probably holding back so that they can add them in later to shore up slowing momentum.  They don't need any momentum boosters right now.




PS:  And, they just added some.

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David Bowie and a Gary Oldman Dracula fig.

I have so much impressionable goth teen love for Gary Oldman Dracula. So much.

But Bones is July.

With the rate this one is going you are going to have a massive pile of minis.

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I'm doing my usual gig of passing on most of the non-exclusives, though that Critchlow box is really tempting.


Also, these are from the original box and still WIP but if anyone is wondering about the quality of the plastic or sculpts...







Also painted up all but one of the original survivors a while back:






A surprising percentage of stuff I've painted. They're fun.

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Did GW drop their licence for Thrud minis? I remember him costing a fortune(*) in metal back in the 80's.




(*) in relation to my 80's paycheck.

Crap i was pretty " meh" on this one....but adding another Thrudd to the collection will cause me to throw more money down the KS rabbit hole.


Hopefully the mechanics are close to season 1 of Zombicide for the those of us that only game sporadically.

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