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Playing around with Bones Orc skin coloration

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I'm painting the 5 Bones Black Orcs for my D&D game, and I figured I'd try a few different combinations of color to achieve some different skintones for each orc.  I thought I'd show them here along with the color choices in case it's useful to anyone else, and so I can refer back to it if I ever end up needing to paint another greenskin.  The photo quality isn't great, and of course, my painting skills are rudimentary, but I think the pictures are good enough that the differences in color should be visible.

With each of these figures I tried to work from shadows and layer up to highlights.  Everything started with a wash of brown liner before putting on basecoats.


The Orc Sniper was done with a Military Green basecoat, which seemed too bright to start from, so I applied a 2:1 water:brown ink wash to deepen the shadows.  Then Military green again, skipping some of the deeper recesses, progressively adding drops of Camoflage Green for higher highlights until I was working with near-pure Camoflage Green, and then finally a drop of Bloodless Skin to the mix (diluted heavily with water and glazing medium.  Bloodless skin can be very opaque)


The Orc Marauder was done with a straightup triad.  Olive Shadow, Olive Drab, Olive Highlight.  At the very end I may have added a drop of Bloodless Skin to the Olive Highlight to do the final highlight.


The Orc Hunter was probably the most unusual attempt for me.  The red-brown shadows are on the other side of the color wheel from the yellow-green highlights, which I guess is a thing that a person can do for shadow effects.  He was basecoated in Mahogany Brown, and layers of Muddy Olive, and Olive Green were put over top.  I think it's a neat finished effect, and I'll probably play areound with it more in the future.  I just now realized that I forgot to  paint his hands.


The Orc Stalker was supposed to be an attempt at a grey-green orc.  Basecoated with Dusky Skin Shadow, followed by 1:1 Dusky Skin:Ghoul Skin, and then 1:1 Dusky Skin Highlight:Moldy Skin.  Ultimately it just looks grey to me, which I will keep, but in the future I might attempt to mix a more vibrant green with the dusky skin colors.


Kavorgh is probably the one I was most pleased with.  He is Basecoated with Brown Liner, with Uniform Brown and Green Ochre for highlights.  I was very surprised to see the final result reading as green, given that the highlight colors are a kind of swampy beige in the bottle.

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I've been working through one set of these guys too, and I don't know about you, but I'm having a lot of problems compensating for the detail that seems to have been lost on mine.  There are sections of their faces that aren't properly defined, ears missing, and similar issues that have been very frustrating.  I've just finished them, so I'll post them up soon, but they're far from my proudest work in the hobby.  


I can't quite tell, but yours don't seem to suffer from quite the same detail issues, which is awesome.  I love what you're doing with the skin tones, too.  I've been experimenting with shading greenskins with purple, and it's been an interesting ride so far.

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You didn't call for comments or tips, so I'll just say I like 1, 3 & 5 the best, for whatever that's worth. And I would class you much higher than rudimentary.


As to #3, clearly he is wearing gloves for the important work of... spearing... people.  :devil:

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Looks good! I would go a touch brighter with some highlights. Additionally, the weapons need some weathering: Some rust or silver streaking from the cracks in the blade(s).

Even the skintone highlights?  The skin and the fur are the only parts of the minis that are in a final/near-final state.  Pretty much everything else is just basecoated right now, or still completely unpainted.

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Looks good! I would go a touch brighter with some highlights. Additionally, the weapons need some weathering: Some rust or silver streaking from the cracks in the blade(s).

Even the skintone highlights?  The skin and the fur are the only parts of the minis that are in a final/near-final state.  Pretty much everything else is just basecoated right now, or still completely unpainted.


I would say the Spear guy and the axe guy. If you look at the actual photo, you see how the light is "highlighted" his muscles. That is an awesome guide, i use it all the time to keep me in the right direction. Sometimes it's hard to see what you need to do when it's your own work.


THE FUR: You can always add more depth to it by adding some glazes, dry brush (carefully), and reglazes, highlight. Take a look at the link in my signature "Lion Man" and you will see I just did a group of four beastmen. I learned to appreciate the level of depth you can add to fur. 


Additionally, The chain mail could use a LIGHT top coat of Honed Silver or any other bright "metal" tone. Look at the 3rd guy (dual wield): if you highlight up the Chain mail it will add a nice contrast from the fur. Right now it is muted and (in my opinion) blends too much with the fur.


All this to say it is your stuff still looks awesome and I can tell you are not afraid of pushing your limits. :) I am no expert but i have learned a GREAT deal from these amazing forumnites here and you can see in my work in the Inspiration gallery how my skill has improved in less that a years time.


Hopes this helps,

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