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BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux, Mierce Kickstarter (starts 9th April)

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BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux Goes Live Today at 5pm!














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We have news of something fantastic happening today - at 5pm GMT... that's right - the BaneBeasts are back for the promised Part Deux of monster madness!

What's the BaneBeasts?

For those not in the know, the BaneBeasts were some of our very first miniatures back in the day and many of them were eventually, er, transmutatemogrified into Darklands miniatures - such as Krull, and Ulmons, and the Terror of Fortriu. Some still exist as BaneBeasts, of course, such as Ophius (Ophios with wings!) and some are released erratically when we think it would be cool, such as Proteanc (Hrudinn as a Phoenix Bird).

Anyway, with Darklands now expanding nicely, we thought it would be a great idea to expand the BaneBeasts a little by reversing the process and turn some of our awesome Darklands monsters into more generic fantasy monsters for the... well, more high fantasy painters and collectors out there!

It's a Kickstarter Project?

It certainly is! It will begin today at 5pm GMT (don't worry, there's no early birds) but it will definitely end on the 28th of April at 6pm GMT. So twenty-four days of awesomeness!

How Will it Work?

This project will be extremely simple - there'll be some cool monsters for you to back (all of which are based on existing miniatures in the Darklands range) and some fantastic add-ons, too, and everything will be posed at a huge discount - around 30% off the projected RRP! After all, we only have to fund the additional bits and pieces, the big stuff is already done - so we can pass on those savings to you!

At this point, it's time to give you a sneak peek of one of the stretch goals...


Check out the BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux later, when it goes live!

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Got proteanc last time. the only thing I am sad about was he came with 2 left arms and no right one but mierce is already taking care of that. His staff comes pretty warped too. But GOD he is gorgeous. Definitely gonna keep a eye on this ks but with a very wounded wallet doubt I would go over 50  if at all.

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Remember though, even a small pledge helps and the Mierce folks are AWESOME at keeping things open for ordering even months later in a lot of cases.  I'm still considering adding something to my Darklands: First Edition haul (the Oghurithine? Did I spell that even remotely close?) unit.  And that KS project was something like a year ago.  They are finished, but that wave of stuff hasn't started shipping yet.

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Very low funding needed for the first unlock.  To be expected, really.  £2500 for initial funding.


Not sure if I really agree that it's low funding. £2500 for what? To sculpt a new head for an already existing miniature? Mmm.. Not convinced. Not convinced at all. I hope that there will be freebies included in this deal.

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Agree the goat head is much better- as for the greater demon, I'm getting Creature Caster stuff so that sorts that niche nicely for me.


Still hope it does well enough as kickstarters are probably a big part of their revenue stream, doubt they get by well on sales outside of them.

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